October 2016


October is here! I feel like September flew by. Maybe it was because of just how much happened in September with finishing edits and sending my book off to my editor and with the news of the move. But nonetheless, fall is upon us. And as always, with a new month I like to lay out the new goals I have.

First thing’s first. Perhaps the most important item on the list to talk about. Clara and Claire is in the hands of my editor. She’s on her second read through of the book, and then she’ll be sending me everything that I need to fix in terms of relating to the content editing. Then after that I’ll send it back to her. This process can’t be rushed. I’m working around her schedule, and she’s working with mine. But I promise you that we both are working very hard to ensure this book can release as soon as possible. Again, I sadly don’t have a release date for Clara and Claire, but I didn’t want you to think I had forgotten about the book. There will be more teasers, though I lot of them I’m saving for closer to release. We have the cover reveal, blog tour, and more to look forward to. Every time I get anything back from my editor I’m going to work hard and efficiently to get things done.

So can I guarantee that Clara and Claire will release in 2016? Not anymore unfortunately. I didn’t want to take away from the process of how my editor does her work. So when I had the choice between taking away from edits and releasing maybe in January at the earliest, or letting my editor do as she normally does and releasing sometime after January 2017, I chose the ladder. I want this book to be my best book yet. I don’t want to release it until it’s perfect and ready for you to read. So while I hate the idea that it probably can’t release in 2016, this year is coming to an end very soon and then we won’t have much longer of a wait. Obviously as the months continue I’m going to be able to give you a better idea of how close we’re looking at a release.

Again I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate everyone’s patience and support during all of this. I promise the wait is going to be worth it!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about what I’m doing this month. There’s actually a lot going on this month, and some of it I’ll talk about later on. I’ll most likely be received the edits back from my editor this month so I’ll be working on that as soon as I get it. In the meantime I’ve been debating on what story I want to write next. While the break from writing is nice, I really miss writing and need to get back into it. Since November is coming up I’ve decided I’m going to pick out my NaNo novel and get to work on that. I’m aiming for my book to be well over 50k, so don’t worry I’ll edit the word count appropriately for NaNo and talk more about that once we’re closer to November.

I can’t wait to write something new, and the great part about NaNoWriMo novels is that I can share the title and the summary with you up front. Something I can’t do with what’s actually my next book that I plan on releasing (after Clara and Claire). If you follow me on Pinterest I’ve been making new boards for new books, and I’m actually deciding between two right now, so if you have any input feel free to comment below with your suggestions!

Now that October has officially begun I’m going to make it my mission to decide on my NaNo novel before the end of next week. I’ll keep you updated! If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo this year let me know what you’re writing or if, like me, you’re still undecided. Thank you again so much for all the support!

Lindsey Richardson

Writing with a Full Time Job


Whether you’re working full time at an office or a full time parent, it gets even more complicated when you add writing into the mix. And whether this is your first novel or fourth novel, it’s likely to still be a daily struggle. But that doesn’t mean that it’s at all impossible or a dreadful task.

Let’s face the reality of it: it takes a lot to write full time. And some of us just aren’t there yet, but that doesn’t take anything away from the work we do. As many of you know, I work full time and write as well. It’s been that way every day since I graduated high school.

We’re all at different aspects of our life when it comes to our jobs and when it comes to writing. Maybe this is your first novel, and you don’t know where you’re going afterwards. Or maybe (like me) this is a part of your career that you want to dedicate the time and effort towards. Regardless, I think the overall steps to being successful are the same. Too much work and you’re overwhelmed and frustrated. Too little work and you fall behind and, again, you’re frustrated.

So then how does anybody do it? How do writers work all day (or all night) long and then go home and work more (but on a different task: writing)?

  • Time -we’re talking time management and just an overall understanding of the time you have in a day. If you like to look at the bigger picture plan for the whole week. Take a look at when you’re working for your job and then focus on what time you have left to write. Writing doesn’t require a set time. You can write anywhere, but it’s up to you to figure out when works best.
  • Planning -plan ahead. If you’re not a big planner, maybe take it day by day, but try to plan your day out. If you set up a plan then you can rearrange it as need be. Whatever doesn’t get accomplished (specifically with your writing) can be moved to the next day and etc.
  • Work first, write later -always put your job and your family first. Set your priorities. Sometimes you won’t be able to write when you planned to. Accept that you’re going to need to be flexible with yourself.
  • It’s okay to take breaks -there I said it. Take a break once in a while. Heck, if you have to, take a break for a week! If you’re on vacation, enjoy it with your loved ones. If you’re having a stressful day, let your writing wait for tomorrow. You’re going to need breaks from your writing, just like anyone else.
  • Set realistic goals -perhaps the best thing I’ve ever done for my writing was set goals. And not just any kind of goals, but realistic ones. If it’s a busy month at work, lower that word count goal. If you have days off raise your expectations. Never be afraid to set goals, even if they seem small or insignificant, because when you’re able to check it off and move to the next one, that’s going to fuel your creativity.

While those five tips might not cover everything, I think that gives you the big picture. It’s definitely not impossible. I know a lot of writers who work and write, and I also know several writers who write full time. At the end of the day if you have a novel you truly want to write nothing is going to hold you back. You’ll find a way to work with the free time you have and get things done. Some days are harder than others, but you have to believe in yourself and the story you’re telling.

Leave a comment below and let me know, are you full time working and writing? Or do you write full time? And let me know if you’d like more posts like this in the future!

Lindsey Richardson

Writing Breakthrough Moment


As September comes to an end, I’m thinking back to how important last September was to my writing. More specifically to Clara and Claire because last year around this time I had my  breakthrough moment.

I think every writer has a breakthrough moment. It might not be obvious, and then other times it might be the difference between writing and giving up. And while I’m sure everyone has a different definition of what a breakthrough moment is, in my experience it’s the moment when you know this is the story you want to continue with. All the doubts, questions, and fears you had before might still be there, but you have a moment of clarity where you’re ably to fully embrace the story and the book altogether for everything (flaws included).

And there’s no telling when this moment will happen for you. Maybe it’s at the beginning or maybe it doesn’t happen until nearly the end of the book. How can you get to your breakthrough moment? There’s really no set of rules or guidelines to get there. For me, it’s just happened, and perhaps that’s the magic behind writing. Some things can’t be determined ahead of time. Sometimes you have to take the leap of faith and see what happens.

If you haven’t reached your breakthrough yet and you’re feeling frustrated, don’t give up. Giving up will only leave you with unanswered questions. Take a break, listen to music, look for new inspiration, or just try (writing) a different angle. For me my breakthrough with Clara and Claire didn’t happen until I joined a writing support group on Facebook. This was my first time joining a support group, but now I definitely want to stay with it as I continue with my writing career.

Had a breakthrough already? Let me know in the comments what was your moment, or if you’re still waiting on it.

On a different note…

Just wanted to give a quick update about Clara and Claire. My editor has been in contact with me this week. Right now we’re working on content edits, and I should be getting the results of that soon and then going to work on that. Good news is everything is going smoothly, and we’re working hard to release the book as soon as humanly possible! I’ll keep you updated!

Lindsey Richardson

Your Next Novel


Since my last post I’ve been more silent (or at least more lost in my thoughts), thinking about my next novel. Or, in reality, my next next novel. I thought by already having the book after Clara and Claire planned I would feel some kind of relief. But instead over the past few days I’ve been wondering about what comes next.

When I first started my new blog on WordPress, I did a series of posts about writing your next story. Looks like I need to go back to those and perhaps take my own advice. But once you’re actually searching for your next book –whether it’s the next one, or the second to next, etc–it’s easier said than done. I’ve found myself searching on Pinterest for inspiration and looking to books and music. Honestly anything to grab an idea and run with it.

And perhaps that’s the hardest part to explain to anybody. It’s easy to grab the beginning of an idea, but it’s much harder to actually dedicate yourself to that single idea. There’s actually so many ideas and possibilities that at times it’s downright overwhelming. I’ve only grasped at ideas and characters, but I don’t think I have anything solid right now that I feel confident with.

But I’ve been trying to remind myself, and others from this, that this doesn’t mean you lose all hope because it doesn’t work out after a few days of trying. With Clara and Claire I actually didn’t feel confident with the story until this time last year. Sometimes you really do just have to take a leap of faith and see where it takes you.

NaNoWriMo is quickly approaching –way faster than I’m prepared for–and that offers a lot of hope too. I want to talk more about the pros and cons of NaNo in a later post, but that’s also a great opportunity to take an idea and literally run with it. 50k in a month with a story you barely know? Yeah, why not! (But make sure you have a lot of coffee…)

I thought in this post I might give more tips on how to plan out your next novel, but perhaps this ended up being more of a reflection. The writing world is huge. The possibilities when it really comes down to what you want to write are endless. Whether you’re creating a world from scratch or relying on history, there’s a lot to work with and a lot of resources. (Shoutout to Twitter for answering my questions about steampunk this week!)

Every writer does their job differently. Some have multiple books planned out over a certain timeframe. And then there’s people like me who might only have one book at a time planned (unless I’m working on a series). Part of this new adventure with Clara and Claire is diving into the unknown and scary reality of not being attached to a series (like I was before with the Magician series). I don’t have four books all at least planned out in front of me. I just have this one and the plot and purpose of my next one. Other than that, it’s anyone’s guess where I go from here.

Hopefully this was helpful to someone who’s in the same position as me right now. And even if it wasn’t, I hope it at least gives you more insight into the work going on inside my head. Thanks for reading what might be the rantings of a thoughtful writer during a crazy busy month!

Lindsey Richardson

P.S. I’m now on Goodreads as Lindsey R. Sablowski AND Lindsey Richardson. Most of you already know about my account under the name Sablowski, but here’s the Lindsey Richardson one if you want to follow me there too.

Editing at home: Day Three

day3-2Day three. (Technically day four because it’s 2am, but hey, who’s counting?)

Today has been overwhelming. My brain decided halfway through editing to change up a scene in one of the later chapters, and it’s a pretty huge change. It’s the kind of change where for the rest of the day you’re writing it out instead of going over what’s already there in front of you. That’s how I ended up at what’s now a 100k total novel. Scary!

But in all fairness I don’t regret it. I spent a lot of time on this today, and I’m feeling good about it. It’s something I’m excited for. I have a little more to add onto the beginning of chapter 26, but after that I think I’ll be golden.

So as of right now I’m on chapter 26 out of 37 total chapters. I’m really hoping I can finish 11 whole chapters tomorrow. It’s not going to be an easy day, since I also have to finish packing up the rest of the house. I’m just not sure how busy I’ll be Saturday with moving and getting the cats settled, so I’d rather just finish everything tomorrow and be done with it. We’ll see how it goes.

The only reason I’m stopping tonight is because of how late it is, and I’m feeling braindead. I just don’t have the energy right now. Tomorrow morning (this morning) I plan on starting early, and I’ll have coffee, so it’s really promising. I can’t guarantee anything, but before the end of Friday you’ll know if I got everything done or not. *panic mode activated*

Today’s post is really short in comparison to my last two, but I promise tomorrow (especially if I finish) I’ll have more to talk about because then it’ll be one less thing off my plate. And it’ll mean we’re moving even closer to publication, which always leaves me feeling excited!

Hope to hear from you guys tomorrow on my final day of vacation (aka free editing time). Definitely send good vibes your way if you’re in the middle of writing or editing! It’s a crazy time of the year. Here’s to hoping it all works out.

Lindsey Richardson

Editing at home: Day Two


Day two of editing has officially ended for me. I almost quit a little earlier than last night, but it was raining tonight, so I decided to keep going. Today has been a really busy but productive day.

As of right now where I’m leaving off for the night I’m on chapter 19. Keep in mind, there’s 37 chapters in total. So I still have a lot to do, but I accomplished more today than I expected. Tomorrow it looks like I’m definitely going to need to work just as hard (if not more), and then Friday finish up and do one last final skim through. I don’t think I’ll have the time this weekend to edit more, so I really want Friday to be my final day, and then send it to my editor Friday night or sometime Saturday.

The editing I’m doing right now (and for the rest of the week) is the hardest part of editing. It’s the kind where at first you’re like “yes, I’m doing this!” and then that turns into “is this over yet?!” It’s frustrating and somewhat exciting all at once.

I’ve been working on a lot of rewriting of scenes and some paragraphs. It’s amazing how your betas can understand exactly what you wanted to say in a scene, even if you didn’t get there entirely the first time around. So I rewrote the beginning of one chapter to make it more emotional, and then for the rest of the day I’ve been reading through and working with character dialogue too.

If anything this process makes it interesting to see just how much my writing has changed over the years. Even over the (almost) year I’ve been working on this book. Clara and Claire has been through so many changes, but they’re all for the better. And this point I’m polishing up the plot and the characters to make sure this is as ready as it’ll ever be for my editor.

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat I’ve been posting a lot of pictures and videos of my progress. Sometimes it’s just easier to get the point across in pictures than words. And it makes me feel more obligated to keep working when I’m sharing it with you guys.

I thought I was going to have more to say in this post, but it is late, and I think I’ll have more to share tomorrow. To be honest I almost skipped this post entirely, but I didn’t want to skip out on the opportunity to document the day (and share the experience with you, of course).

But if you’re a curious writer or reader, like me, here’s some of what I’ve been thinking while editing today:

  • how did my paragraphs end up being so long? (I don’t remember having this issue in the past… must be something new I’ve picked up)
  • lots of semi-colons… more than I remember (again, where did this come from?!)
  • the cats fight/play a lot when I edit…
  • *deletes whole sentence and writes up entirely new one*
  • *plays music quietly in the background to not lose sanity*
  • “I’ll save that for tomorrow.”

Thanks again if you’ve been stopping by for the updates, and if you’re a writer who’s also editing, feel free to copy my strategy and share the process on your blog. I love sharing this with you guys, so you know exactly what’s going into the book.

Until tomorrow…!

Lindsey Richardson

P.S. I think this is a new record: 2 posts all in one day (yeah it’s technically past midnight here, but shh…)!

Cursed With Power 4 year anniversary


September 7th holds so much importance to me. Every year on this date I wake up and am blown away by the facts in front of me. This is all real, and it’s not just a dream anymore.

Since this is my first time talking about Cursed With Power on this new blog I wanted to talk about journey that brought me to where I am today. Some of you might have heard it before, but there’s always details I left out before, and I’m also talking about the future of my writing. Thank you in advance for reading what might end up being a long post.

The idea for Cursed With Power first came to me in the summer of 2010. This was during a time period where I literally could not find a book idea to stick with. I tried out so many different plots, characters, and none of them lasted. Many ended up on Inkpop (a writing website where you can share your story online for others to read), but in the end none of them last more than a few chapters.

Celestria’s story, though, was different. Right away from the beginning I was determined to write the story. I put aside everything else I had been working on. Those novels didn’t capture me in the way Celestria’s did. I like to refer to CWP as “Celestria’s story” a lot because it really feels like her story. She might not be real, but after all the years I dedicated to her and the story that she narrated, she’s as real as any fictional character can get.

Despite all the praise I give Celestria, she was not always the perfect character. Actually for the longest time when I first started this book she and I did not get along. I could not figure out her character for the longest time. (I think I talked about it sometimes on my old blog…) It was pretty rough for awhile, and I’m not sure at exactly what point I finally figured out her character.

Keep in mind I did all of this while in high school. That all plays a part in this too, because in my senior year (class of 2012!) I enrolled in a G/T independent research class. And my independent research became my book. I researched everything I could about Transylvania –the setting of CWP–in the 1500s. It wasn’t easy, and sometimes even my teacher was at a loss of where we could look. But eventually I found more of the material I was looking for, and it was in this class that I then started rewriting Cursed With Power. This was the major rewrite, though I can’t say if this was the last.

In the very, very early versions of CWP Alaire Sencler was no more than a minor character. Leal Irvine actually ended up having more of a role than Alaire. And during this major rewrite I did it switched. Alaire’s potential became clear to me, and thus he ended up joining Celestria in her journey.

Fast forward through countless rejections. I continued editing and rewriting every time sometime told me “eh, it’s not for me.” It wasn’t until nearing my graduation that I finally received an acceptance letter and learned my book would finally be getting published *insert screams of joy here*. And then it wasn’t until another 9 months that the book was released (due to one last major edit [with the help of my editor] and interior and cover design).

Four years is a long time. So much has changed since I was an 18 year old with my first book published. I’m married now, soon to be moving to an entirely different state, and we have three cats who run around and keep me busy. I work full time and write. My writing career didn’t officially start until Cursed With Power was published, but since then I’ve only set my goals even higher.

I’m 22 now with four books published. My fifth book, Clara and Claire, is something entirely new and separate from the Magicians series, and that’ll be releasing (hopefully) before the end of 2016. Every year since CWP I’ve released a book. And the Magicians series and Clara and Claire are only the beginning. I have so many plans for the future, so many stories I want to write, and I’m going to be sharing every moment of it with you.

Now I know this post was long, but I write a post up every year on this day as a reminder. Dreams don’t always have to be dreams. Follow them and be passionate about what you love. If you take anything away from this, don’t give up.

Thank you to everyone who supports my writing. I’ve been writing since I was 12, and I love that now I have people to share the experience with.

(Reminder, I’ll be posting again later tonight about editing day 2.)

Lindsey Richardson

Haven’t read Cursed With Power or the complete Magicians series? Don’t worry, the entire series is available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon (and everywhere else online where books are sold). Find all my books on my Amazon author page

Editing at home: Day One


I’m calling this my DIY editing retreat. A whole week off from work to focus solely on Clara and Claire. With a clear goal set in my head (and down on paper somewhere too), I’m determined to finish everything this week. One lesson that’s perhaps the hardest one to learn is that you can’t set unrealistic goals for yourself. It leads to disappointment and madness. So fortunately I looked over everything my betas gave me, and I realized this is a goal I can realistically accomplish. No slacking, no excuses, and with the right amount of coffee, I’m set by the early AM to get started.

Last night I started working on edits, but today was my first full day of editing. So I’m calling this day one. And for anyone who’s interested in the process or what goes on behind the scenes, I wanted to share it with you.


Today was all about paragraphs, grammar, cutting unnecessary details, etc. All that kind of stuff that naturally comes with editing. It’s the stuff I didn’t catch when I did my own edits and rewriting, and thankfully I had awesome betas who were able to point it out to me. Keep in mind this book is at 97k words total (give or take), so there’s a lot of book to go through and edit. And I decided to get this out of the way first because it’s easy to fix, and it’s just as important as anything plot related or character related that has to be addressed.

This afternoon I took a break from editing, but tonight I’m right back at it again. I’m only taking a short break right now to write up this post. But for the remainder of tonight, and leading into tomorrow, I’m going to be focusing on everything else. The questions, suggestions, any uncertainties, etc. Anything with characters, dialogue, or specific scenes/chapters I want to address (and fix).

In the picture up above I tried to show a little glimpse into the journal I’m using. (Shoutout to Kate Spade for making a pretty and useful journal that I’ve been using since almost the beginning of this novel.) Since we don’t have a printer at home, I wrote everything important that my betas mentioned that I want to either fix, rework, delete, or strengthen.  It took up several pages, and now the remainder of the pages I’m just working out different ideas for certain parts that have to be reworked or any questions that were left unanswered.

No one said this was going to be done in a day, and sadly with editing it feels like it’s never over. But I feel like I made a huge amount of progress today. Knowing that now I can just read through the entire book and focus directly on certain scenes, characters, or paragraphs is a relief. Some of these bigger reworks I’m doing (in terms of with a character or scene) I might be sharing later on this week or next, so I can share my own advice on how I worked through it. I’ve been reading up a lot lately on editing posts, so if you have any good ones on your blog (or someone else’s), link them in the comments.

Tomorrow is definitely going to be a more challenging day. Grammar and rewording sentences is a lot easier than answering questions that even I might have skipped over the first, second, and third time around. But I’m hopeful, and at the end all of this work is going to pay off.

I read something that really stood out to me yesterday on a writer’s blog. When you receive the feedback from your betas, you have to ask yourself a very important question. If you’re debating on whether to use a suggestion (or answer a question) from a beta, is it because you believe it’s already been resolved or are you trying to avoid extra work? This wasn’t the exact wording on the blog obviously, but that’s the summary of it (from the best that I can remember). And it just left me thinking that you can’t be afraid of the extra work in editing. Editing isn’t meant to be easy. Some parts are, but the challenging parts are what will make the book later on either stand or fall.

I’ll post again with day two’s progress tomorrow. I think we’re in for two posts tomorrow, seeing as tomorrow is Cursed With Power‘s publication anniversary. Can you believe it’s been four years already? I’ll be sharing the whole story and more tomorrow –expect that post probably earlier in the morning, and the editing post later at night.

Lindsey Richardson

End of August


August seems to have flown past me in a matter of days. So much has happened this month, and even more is awaiting in the months to come. With the end of one month coming and the start of a new month I like to share what’s ahead in the grand scheme of everything.

Today being the last day of August also means it is the deadline for my beta readers. I’ve heard from almost all of them by now. And I still have a strong sense of what needs to be worked on. All this feedback from my beta readers is actually leaving me excited for the work ahead of me because everything is fixable.

Next week I’m dedicating my time to Clara and Claire. By then I will have all the feedback from my beta readers organized and ready and know where to start. My intentions are to finish everything that I feel needs to be fixed by the end of next week and then send the book off to my editor. My editor is the last person who’s going to read through the entire book and tell me anything that I or the beta readers have fixed. Then based on her suggestions, I go through one more time to ensure it is ready for publication. Only once she has given me feedback can I then plan the date for publication (and get everything set up).

September is definitely an important month, and next week I’ll be pushing myself to get everything done on my side so I can get this to my editor at the time I’ve planned. These last few weeks I had a nice break from writing/editing, but I’m definitely ready to get back into it. I love this story and the characters, and I’m eager to make sure the story is solid and ready for the world to read. All this extra work is going to make the wait worth it!

As for on the blog, in September I plan to be share the next steps in this process with you. I’ll share about what’s being fixed in the book (if not specifically, just overall talk on the subject of it) and share my progress as I go. Since I won’t be rewriting the entire novel again I won’t be using Wordly to track my word count or anything like that. But I’ll try to give you an idea of how far I am with chapter numbers (or page numbers). I haven’t decided exactly yet, but I’ll figure it all out before the start of next week!

Though I’m focusing strongly on my book next week, I’ll also need to take breaks now and then. If you know any good motivation/focus songs, leave them in the comments (I’ll give them a listen)! And I was thinking about possibly doing a short live video segment on my author Facebook page. If you’d like me to host a live video and answer questions about writing, publishing, or any of my books (published, WIPs, future and past) let me know. I’m only going to do the live video if people express an interest. If not I’ll save it for another time.

Looks like a busy month awaits me! Wish me luck, and let me know in the comments what you’re working on for September. I can’t wait to share more in the coming days!

Lindsey Richardson

Bullet Journal

bullet journal

Yesterday I read about this thing called a “bullet journal” on Twitter. This was my first time reading about it, and when authors were talking about how they even used it to help with writing related material I had to find out more. So I rushed over to Pinterest and did a lot of research. I’ve started my own bullet journal (hence the poorly photographed image at the top). It’s not the greatest, and thankfully those who have done this before are reminding me the first time won’t be perfect. But I have a lot of ideas coming together of what I want this to be –especially for long term usage and productivity.

For those of you –like me up until yesterday–that haven’t heard about a bullet journal, here’s the best explanation I’ve got so far. A bullet journal is in some ways like a diary. Except in a diary you include long and short excerpts of your life for your own purpose –whether it be reflecting, expressing yourself, etc. A bullet journal is made with a purpose to help you day by day, week by week, month by month. Honestly whatever purpose you want it to serve is up to you. So far in mine I’ve been taking it day by day because I’m still trying to get the hang of it.

Maybe there’s dates you want to remember, certain tasks you need to complete, a crazy week you need to plan ahead for, or even a quote you saw on a specific day you want to remember. Bullet journaling is for all of this and more. It’s hard to explain it all in one post. I read through a lot of blogs and websites before I even attempted to start mine. And even now as I type this post I’m still not sure how to feel about my own at the moment.

I journaled a lot when I was younger. I used to keep diaries, and I could fill those up easily. But as I grew older diaries became too difficult to keep up with. Some days nothing happened. Sometimes I would go weeks without having the time, patience, or desire to write anything in my diary. But with this bullet journal… I feel like it’s the perfect combination of purpose, organization and customization for me. With everything that’s happening as this year slowly comes to an end I definitely want to start looking ahead. And with my bullet journal my goal is to somehow have it serve a purpose for my personal life and my writing career. If I can make this work this is something I could continue in the future to help with writing projects and etc.

I hesitated writing this post because I’m no expect on bullet journaling, and I definitely don’t know what I’m doing with mine at the moment. (So far I just have this week planned out, and I’m playing around with customization. I think I need thin sharpies… hmmm…) But with all the positive feedback and encouragement from other writers who are also familiar with bullet journaling, I wanted to share the beginning of my exploration into the subject. Once I actually have something more solid (than two or three pages) that I feel confident enough to share I’ll talk more about how I’m using it specifically for my writing projects. (Next week especially with my plans to work on the feedback from my beta readers I want to have ready…)

But in the meantime while I’m still figuring this out, tell me if you’ve ever tried bullet journaling. How do you use yours, whether it be for personal or writing related? I’d especially love to see ideas on what to do so it serves a purpose for writing projects.

I’ll be returning with another post on Wednesday, August 31st, with my end of the month post and hopefully some brief news on beta reader feedback (and what work awaits me)!

Lindsey Richardson