Last chapter of Clara and Ezra

It’s November. Usually this would be the month where I drive myself crazy –or crazier than usual– and participate in NaNoWriMo. Something I’ve been doing for almost a decade now. But not this year.

Last year I failed NaNoWriMo. Terribly. Admittedly it was a bad time to start writing a new novel while in a different state.

And this year?

This year I decided against it because I’ve been working so hard (and then sometimes not so hard) on Clara and Ezra. It’s been almost a year since the release of Clara and Claire, and before that anniversary I wanted to at least be able to say the sequel was one step closer to release.

Usually I release a new book every year, but this year has been all about re-releasing the Magicians series and just writing Clara and Ezra –which I’ve accepted won’t be releasing until 2018.

So this year I’m not jumping in with the rest of you to write a 50k novel in 30 days. But I do wish you the best of luck!

Instead this year I took a week off of work to get my sh*t together. And I did. Today I am on the last chapter of the book. I will be finishing on Monday. Usually the weekends are my time off to spend with my boyfriend (and cat), so it’s unlikely I finish over the weekend unless I write at night.

So I’m excited at last. Because finishing this first draft means making this book ready for publication. Means getting out of this writing slump and really working some magic into this book.

My original goal was 90k, but I realized as I neared the end of this book that was an ambitious first draft goal. So instead it’s looking closer to end with 70k (or more). With the rewrite I’m going to be adding in so much more (and deleting a lot too), that I know by the end of this all before publication the book will reach the 90k goal I set for it. Just not with this first draft. And that’s okay.

I’ll be posting a much longer and detailed report on Monday when I finish the book! In the meantime, happy writing!


New Release: Shadows and Embers

img_2545Shadows and Embers is now available in both paperback and ebook format. You can purchase it from a variety of sites online, or if you’d prefer, you can purchase it directly from me. I will be order copies of it soon. I’m thinking of having a giveaway before Christmas.

Purchase at:



Barnes and Noble



**If you don’t see the link yet that means I’m still waiting for those websites to update with the book’s purchase info.

I still have a lot of promotions I want to do with this book. Thanks to the lovely and talented Regina I have new pretties I’ll be sharing on here as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

Remember, this is the 2nd edition of Shadows and Embers –featuring a new cover and new interior design. The original edition will no longer be available for purchase. 2nd editions of books 3 and 4 will hopefully be available by the end of this year or beginning of next year at the latest. This is all to better the series as a whole –as the series originally did not have a theme that stood out amongst the covers. Also, the interior in this really is something to be proud of. I did the interior for the original, and let me tell you, Allyson did an amazing job rescuing it from my poor interior designing skills.

This would make a great gift with the holidays coming up. If you grab a copy remember to share pictures!


Shadows and Embers: 2nd edition

Heels promo

The 2nd edition of Shadows and Embers is now available. Here’s everything you need to know for how you can get your hands on the 2nd edition!

First off, I will no longer be making the original 1st edition available for sale online. This is to ensure there is no confusion, and so that new readers starting the series will buy the newest editions of the books. This will be the case for the entire series. All the original editions will not be available for sale after the 2nd edition releases. So if you want the original cover art –buy them now while they’re available.

As for the 2nd edition of Shadows and Embers, you can buy it now. The ebook is live on Amazon. I will be updating the website, as well as other social media with the purchase links, but most of them won’t become available until the paperback is live as well.

As for the paperback, I have ordered a proof. I always do this to ensure nothing looks wrong with the paperback before I release it to the world. The proof is on its way –and Createspace is usually great with shipping– so I expect the paperback to be available by next week at the latest –unless of course there are unforeseen issues that arise.

I’ve bought new beautiful stock images you’ll see floating around later tonight. And I still have a lot of updating to do on the website (in terms of what’s going on with the Magicians series). I have also fallen behind on writing again and am determined to force myself to write no matter how terrible it is. I saw so many stock images for Clara and Ezra that now I’m feeling motivated again.

Last but not least, this Saturday is my book signing. If you’re in or near the MD area, please come out and support your local author. I’m very excited and can’t wait to share pictures and so forth with you all. I have a bunch of books at my home just waiting to be signed!

That’s all for now, but I’ll be returning later on to add more to the website (you might notice changes and updates on the “books” page and so forth).

Thank you all for your patience and support!

Cover Reveal: Shadows and Embers

As promised I re-releasing the entire Magicians series one by one. And next up on the list was the sequel, Shadows and Embers. This book follows Léal’s story as he struggles with seeking revenge and finding peace. 

Thanks to Hell Yes Design Studio for the AMAZING work.  

Once I have the interior design I will be setting a release date. I’m thinking this will release before the end of the year! 

But without further ado…


It’s 1569 in Transylvania; Léal Irvine has committed to a powerful man all for the sake of revenge. Handsome, young Irvine is a high-ranking magician working for Esmour’s organization, Destin, which is composed of Dark magicians from around the local areas. However, one by one magicians vanish or die, and suddenly the world of magic is not as safe as it once was. One of the members and Léal’s best friend, Nicia, betrays the organization before the downfall. Unfortunately no one realizes the act of treason might have saved her life.
A year later Destin has fallen, and Léal sees the world through icy blue eyes. With only five Dark magicians alive his survival is constantly threatened, and he has no great leader or trusted allies to turn to. After infiltrating Belsgar and killing a member of the Magic Council, a war between darkness and light is no longer something anyone can walk away from. A new villain rises with a secret that could be deadly; meanwhile Nicia works to prove her loyalty to Léal while trying to revive their friendship. 

Sides will be chosen, relationships will be at stake, and in the end the balance of the magical world will depend on the outcome of the war. When you’re walking on a thin line between revenge and forgiveness how do you choose the right path without stepping too far over the crack?

Stayed tuned for the release date. And thank you so much to everyone who’s been helping with the 2nd editions of these books. 

October 14th book signing info

book signing promo

I wanted to post some additional information about my upcoming book signing. So if you’re planning to attend the event or thinking about doing so, please read this.

When: Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 1-2:20pm

Where: Greetings and Readings

118 AA Shawan Rd

Hunt Valley, MD 21030

The books: Cursed With Power, Shadows and Embers, Thicker Than Blood, Bloodline Inheritance, Clara and Claire

Payment types: Any –see cashier (Greetings and Readings is handling the money aspect at the signing, so when you have your book signed and ready to go, head on over to the cashier and check out)

I’ve ordered books based on how many people I believe are coming and how many books I am hoping to sell. The majority of copies I will have available for purchase will be for Cursed With Power (the 2nd edition) and Clara and Claire. This is my first signing with Clara and Claire, so I am trying to come well prepared. As for the remainder three books in the Magicians series, I am bringing less copies (unless you message me and tell me otherwise) because I don’t know how many people want the original 1st edition of the books. Books 2-4 are all being re-released with new covers and interior designs, so this will be the last book signing where I show up with the originals as they are right now. If you’re interested in buying them before the 2nd edition please let me know so I can make sure I have copies for you.

I will also be bringing bookmarks, business cards, and a teaser for Clara and Ezra with me. The teaser you will get when you purchase any of my books, but the rest of the goodies at my table will be free for the taking.

So if you’re planning to buy a book I’ll be at Greetings and Readings from 1-2:20 to sign them for you. If you already have a book and want that signed, I will be available for that as well. It’s a free and open event, so feel free to bring anyone else you think might be interested.

Can’t wait to see you there!



I will be on vacation from September 14th to September 17th. During this time I will be away from my laptop –and yes, away from my writing (unless I get the urge to handwrite something while I am away). This is a much needed and long awaited vacation, so I hope to return well rested and ready to get back to work.

I will be returning home on the 17th. I have taken the 18th-20th off from work to allow some more days of relaxation and quiet honestly the plan on those days is to get some serious writing done as well.

Just wanted to post a quick announcement. Thank you for all the support, and here’s to hoping this vacation gives me lots of inspiration for when I return!

Cursed With Power Audiobook

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BIG NEWS: Cursed With Power is being turned into an audiobook. Thanks to ACX I’ve found a narrator, and she and I are more than thrilled to start on this new adventure together. Finally Celestria’s voice is literally coming to life.

All those people who always tell me “oh, but I don’t like reading” –well, we’ve got you covered now! Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, now you can bring Celestria’s story along with you and listen at your own pace.

Bringing my books into audiobook format has been a dream and goal of mine for years now. Recently I decided to make that dream and reality. Cursed With Power will be the first of my books to be released as an audiobook. The rest will be worked into the mix later on. There’s a lot going on right now as far as book releases, this audiobook, and working on Clara and Ezra –so all in due time. The rest of the Magicians series will be worked into being released as audiobooks after their re-release.

As far as the audiobook for Cursed With Power, we’re looking to be done by December 1st. My narrator and I will be working hard to make it possible for CWP‘s audiobook to be ready and for sale by the time Christmas and other holidays hit.

I’m excited (and still in shock), and I hope you’ll all join me in this new adventure we’re taking Celestria on. I’ll keep you updated with our progress!