Cover Reveal Sign Up

Next week on Saturday, September 5th, I’ll be revealing the cover for Clara and Daphne.

I’ve been keeping this cover a secret for about 3 months now, and I’m so excited that in a week’s time I’ll finally be sharing it with you.

If you would like to participate in the reveal -and help share the beautiful cover with me on social media -please please fill out the Sign Up Form. I’ll be sending out the cover to those who sign up sometime on Friday -so you can post to your social media on Saturday for the reveal. Be sure to tag me (@lindseysablowski on instagram or @LindseyReneeR on twitter) so I can share your pictures!

Thank you so much to everyone for the support! I’ve been talking about this book for at least a year now (while it’s been in production), and I’m just excited to be sharing more about it very, very soon.

Right now I am still aiming for a December release -but I will let you know if that changes (hopefully not).

Lastly, in other writing-related news, I’ve really benefited from the break I took this month to recollect my thoughts and relax. I’m more eager than ever next month to jump back into writing -and I already have one secret project (not related to Clara’s series) that is in progress. I’m also planning for the next book in my current series. So while I didn’t write a lot this month, it has been a very product month. Here’s to September being even better.

Happy writing everyone!

February and WIP Update

Happy February guys!

I wanted to stop by and give an update as far as my February goals and progress with Clara and Daphne.

At the end of January I finished edits on Clara and Daphne. So I wanted to talk about what’s next as far as getting this book ready for publication.

Right now I’m working on the 2nd draft of the book. This is a project I suspect will take February and March to complete as I’m rewriting, adding in new content, and working out some issues I came across in the 1st draft.

Today was my first day working on the 2nd draft, and I’ve already increased my word count by 852 words. I also rewrote a lot of the first chapter, so I feel a lot more confident with that.

My goal with this 2nd draft is to reach a total of 90k words by the end, and to overall be happier with the book itself. I definitely have a lot of work to do. The 2nd draft is going to  require a lot of rewriting and re-reading, but I’m okay with that. I know what needs to be done, and I’m going into this 2nd draft with a better understanding of the plot and the characters.

If you don’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@lindseysablowski) for daily updates. I post a lot of my progress there, so if you’re interested in seeing how it’s going, definitely stop on by and say hello!

Here’s just a quick look of what needs to be done before Clara and Daphne is ready:

  • 2nd draft
  • Send to CP/beta readers
  • 3rd and possibly 4th draft? (I usually write between 3-4 different drafts. Clara and Ezra had three)
  • Purchasing the cover
  • Deciding on a relate date (still aiming for this year btw –probably a winter release)

So I expect the coming months to be very challenging, but I’m also excited –especially since this morning I already saw such a huge difference between the 1st draft and the 2nd.

I wish you guys the very best with your February goals, and I’ll be checking in again soon. I’ve been working on my book for like 3 hours this morning, so I think it’s time I take a break from writing altogether and relax.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Announcement: A Rose With Thorns series

series announcement

Well, the cat is out of the bag!

At long last I can now announce my next project!

I wanted to wait until after the release of Clara and Ezra to announce that Clara’s story is indeed only beginning. That’s right, the story that started out as a single novel, gained a sequel, is now getting a series.


About halfway through writing Clara and Ezra I quickly realized this story had much more than what I could fit in the 312 pages it contains. Sure, I could have added more, but the story I wanted to tell required another book, because in truth, it’s another character’s story.

When I finished Clara and Ezra, even after all the editing and numerous drafts, I was 100% convinced. This sequel wasn’t the end. It couldn’t be the end. I had misjudged Clara’s story, assuming it was something that could fit into two books, but no there’s more. Much more.

My 7th novel, the one I’ve been sharing teasers of on Instagram with #secretproject, is the next book in Clara’s adventures.

This series that I’m calling: A Rose With Thorns series

As for book #3 in this series?

Well, I’m between two different titles right now. It will either be titled: Clara and Daphne OR Daphne and Clara. I’ll be doing a poll on Instagram to see what you guys think fits best. I’m leaning toward Daphne and Clara.

Without any spoilers and going into too much detail –because I’ll be sharing even more throughout the next couple of months– this third book is the first book narrated by someone other than Clara.

Thus far Clara has been the main narrator, our main character –besides maybe a chapter or two where another character took over the narration.

This third book will be told from Daphne’s point of view. Daphne being, for those of you who haven’t started on Clara and Ezra yet, a new character we met in book 2. A character with a dark backstory that I’m just dying to get my hands into!

And, if you’re read this far, I’ll tell you something else. This newest addition to the series will be narrated by Daphne and Clara. The narration will be split. I’m not sure how yet, but I know they’ll both have their fair share to say in the book –there’s a lot happening between the two of them, so it only seems fair they both have lead voices in this book.

That’s all I’m going to share for now! Head over to my instagram @lindseysablowski to vote on which title you prefer. I still don’t have a synopsis or anything official like that written up –so hang in there, more will come as I progress in this book.

I’m only 7k into this novel, and there’s still a lot ahead of me. I’m just glad to finally share this secret with you guys, so I can share more of my ideas as I work through this first draft.

(Literally no one knew about this except for Rhianne and Wesley, so I’m relieved to finally be working out in the open again with my next story!)

Hope you guys are excited for where Clara and Daphne’s story will take us next. As usual, I intend on sharing my progress through the writing journey as I go, so stop by my Instagram and maybe drop some inspirational quotes or some coffee emojis –I could use either to be honest.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s been so supportive! Everyone who’s believed in Clara’s story from day one, and everyone that has a copy of one (or both) of the books at home right now.


Indie Author Giveaway


I’m slowly catching up on some big announcements, so here’s one of them. Right now there is an indie author giveaway going on –just go to my instagram @lindseysablowski to enter. I’ll also include the guidelines below:

It’s here! The Indie Author Giveaway… 9 Authors… 14 Books… 1 Winner!


Titles include: A Charming Nightmare, Sisters Lament, Collision, Avoidance, Soldier On, Unlikely Events, Clara and Claire, Corner Confessions – A Novel (Book 1 of 3),  “I Do” Fifteen Years of Wedding Misadventures, The One That Matters, The Collective, Happily Ever Never, and Life is But a Dream

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