August Goals and Quick Update

august goals 2019

Happy August, ya’ll!

Not going to lie, July was a really busy month for me, and I definitely do not reach my writing goals. To be honest the free time I did have was dedicated to getting Thicker Than Blood ready for re-release.

But now that it’s August I’m determined to get back on track. So here’s what I have planned so far for this month:

  • reach 70k in Clara and Daphne –this was my goal for July, so it’s on here again because I didn’t reach it, and I’m so close! I’m currently at 67k, and I’m hoping with having a vacation this month that’ll actually help me have more spare time to write.
  • TTB releases August 10th. There’s still time to pre-order the ebook if you want to start reading on release day! We’re 6 days away, so yes it will occupy my time for the next week or so, but I can focus more on my WIP now that we’re so close to release.
  • The Hollow Knight pantheon is not at all writing related haha. But it’s the video game I’ve poured over 200 hours in, and I’m still working to complete the pantheon, so if anyone has any tips I’m desperate!
  • Last but not least, I’d like to have new posts either for the website or new content for IGTV. It’s been difficult keeping up with my website, writing, and everything else in between, so I do apologize if I’ve been slacking. But I have so much I want to share with you guys, and hopefully this month I can some more content on here (or IGTV)

So those are my goals for this month. I’ve switched my daily word count goal from 1000 to 500 because I’ve been struggling so much lately with everything that’s going on. 500 is much more achievable for me at the moment, so I’m eager to have a better go at that this month after TTB‘s release.

My final WIP word count goal is to end at 90k. I’ve still got a ways to go, and now it’s looking like I might not finish until September or October –depending on how writing goes. It’s the first draft, and for some reason I’m really struggling with writing the last 20k or so.

What are your goals for this month? Let me know in the comments below, so we can cheer each other on!

I’m looking forward to all that this month has to offer, and I’m determined to make it my most productive and rewarding month yet!

Happy writing, ya’ll!

TTB Pre-order and Release News

ChasingSunsets_8757 ttb

Hey guys! Sorry I’m late on posting this –this month has been super busy for me, but I have good news.

Thicker Than Blood will be releasing on August 10th. If you haven’t already check out my Instagram –you can see what the proof of the paperback looks like! (It looks great!) And in the meantime while you’re waiting you can pre-order the ebook on Amazon.

If you pre-order the ebook now you’ll be able to start reading the book on release day, August 10th!

The new edition includes a new cover (designed by Hell Yes Designs), new interior formatting (because I finally have a program for that), as well as some other minor changes. All in all, the book has improved greatly since 2014, and I’m excited to be sharing the new edition with you. We’ve come a long way since then, and it’s nice to see Alaire’s story finally getting the makeover it deserves.

I am so excited to be re-releasing this book and right around the anniversary of its original release too (Aug 1, 2014)! I’ll be keeping you guys up to date with purchase links and hopefully be doing a video on IGTV later this month about the release.

Thank you guys as always for your support. We’re so close now –not too much longer!

Thicker Than Blood Cover Reveal

Good morning everyone, and happy EARLY cover reveal day!

I did a poll on Instagram to see if you guys wanted the cover reveal early, and the answer was yes! And luckily I had a lot of extra time on my hands this morning to make this possible, so without further ado let’s talk about this new cover.

First I want to show you the original cover that’s been with this book since 2014…

TTB old cover
2014 1st edition cover

So this original cover from 2014 was a premade cover I purchased at the time. There’s nothing wrong with premades, especially if you can find someone who has a great variety of them, but there were two main problems with this cover. One: you couldn’t tell what genre the book was just from looking at it. And two: the cover didn’t go along with the other book covers for the series. Hence why the entire series has been redesigned!

But let’s get to what you came for, the cover reveal:


And the book jacket:


Cover design by: Hell Yes Design Studio (the same designer who also did the cover for: Cursed With PowerClara and Ezra, and Shadows and Embers)

There you have it! This is the new cover for Thicker Than Blood. And since it’s been so long since I’ve talked about this book, here’s the blurb:

Alaire Sencler is not the man he used to be. He left behind a foul and bloody past to be with the woman he loves, but the memories never allow him to forget what he did.

While the White magicians raise an army, their leader hides his true reasons for going to war. Meanwhile the Dark magicians seek out a new haven, one that might keep them hidden long enough to prepare for the war that is raging on outside their doorstep.

Though Alaire has a unique gift and the woman of his dreams by his side, he has yet to come to terms with Esmour’s death and what the future holds for him. New faces and the revealing of the fifth Dark magician offers hope, but only the strongest will survive in the final battle.

Whoever said “blood runs thicker than water” never knew what it is like to be part of the current.

And there you have it!

There’s obviously still a lot more to say about this book, which I’ll save for another time.

Re-release date: June 2019 (TBA) –date might change. For those of you who don’t know I somehow lost the final copy I had saved of this book so I’m retyping it (while look at the actual book itself) and also fixing it up as I go.

What comes with the re-release? New cover, new interior design, corrected formatting (I’m fixing a lot of because back in 2014 I didn’t have the software I do now to make it look pretty), and bonus chapter

I think that wraps it up. Let me know if you have any other questions about the re-release, and please give this cover some love. I’m very happy with how the designer took my ideas and ran with them –she made the cover everything I imagined and more! And just wait till you see what we have in store for book #4!

Thank you guys again for all your support!

TTB Cover Reveal Sign Up

So this month has been crazy busy, but I’ve finally decided on a date for the cover reveal.

On May 18th (that’s a Saturday) I’ll be revealing the cover for Thicker Than Blood. This is book 3 in the Magicians series, and it originally released back in 2014 (holy cow, that feels like forever ago!).

So this month I’ll be revealing the NEW cover for this book, and I would love for you guys to help share it.

If you’re interested in sharing the cover, please go sign up here.

I’d really appreciate your help in sharing this cover because quite honestly none of this would be possible without you guys!

Thank you guys for all the support –it means a lot! And while this is a short post, I’ll try to post again before the big reveal day. In the meantime I’ll be counting down on Instagram if you want to follow along.

Stay tuned!

April Update

Hi guys! It’s been a while.

I’ve been focusing so much on trying to complete this first draft of Clara and Daphne that sometimes I forget to give myself a break. That or during my breaks I just sleep.

I wanted to post a quick update because I feel like a lot is happening while I’m working on this first draft. You might have heard if you’ve been following along on Instagram.

As you may or may not know by now Thicker Than Blood is re-releasing this year. Version 2! With a new cover and new interior design (now that I actually have a program that helps make this possible).

Today the new cover for TTB was finished, and let me say… this one has blown me away. Perhaps more than all the others because I don’t think I even knew what I wanted until I actually saw the final product. It’s perfect in every way.

The last couple of books I’ve released have all had their cover art done by Hell Yes Designs.  She also designed the new cover for TTB. Mind you, the original and first cover was done back in 2014 and was a premade. Not that there’s anything wrong with premade covers, but I’ve learned the hard way that custom covers are worth every penny –and so much better (in my opinion) for your book. (That may be a discussion for a later post.)

Anyways, now that I have the new cover I’ll be planning a cover reveal date soon. I’m still working on getting the book print ready.

But stay tuned because I want to do the cover reveal soon because I’m hoping to get the book out maybe next month? Spring release and just in time for summer!

I hope you guys are as excited as me to see this new version of TTB –the wait was well worth it.

Adjusting Your Writing Schedule


I’ve talked about the importance of a writing schedule before on the blog, but tonight we’re talking about the importance of adjusting that schedule.

This is something this year –this month more specifically –that I found out is so crucial.

We tend to get set in our day to day routines, which means if you have let’s say 9pm as your normal writing time that you either do or don’t write at 9pm each night. The problem with getting stuck to a strict schedule or a “normal” schedule when writing is that it can lead to you being just that –stuck.

For me I used to always write at night because I work in the daytime. It made sense to have my designated writing time to be around 9 or 10pm because that was the free time I had to sit down and write.

But recently I discover I wasn’t writing as much or even at all for long periods of time. I was too tired or I actually had plans at night that kept me out late.

So recently I switched my schedule to writing in the daytime during my lunch breaks. It gives me less time to write, and usually if I’m lucky I only manage 20-30 minutes, but now at least I’m making progress. No matter how small it’s still something. And it means whatever I get done in the day leaves me with more free time during the night –and might I mention, less stress and guilt.

So if you feel like your current writing schedule isn’t working don’t be afraid to change it up. In fact, I encourage you to change it. Try different times of the day (or night) to write. Test it out for a few days or weeks maybe. Whatever you find to be the most successful, that’s what you should go with.

When making your writing schedule, remember:

  • You don’t need to write every day.
  • You’re allowed a break (or breaks) –however long those may be
  • Do what feels the most comfortable (less stress = a happier writer)
  • Find an efficient way to track your daily progress –especially if that’s the sort of thing that motivates you
  • Always give yourself options –maybe there are several times in the day you can write, or maybe you just got some unexpected spare time that can make up for any previous “slack” in the week
  • Don’t be afraid of change

I hope this can help somebody out there who is struggling with time management and productivity. I think it’s really healthy to change up your writing schedule and to reevaluate it each month or so to see what’s working and what’s not.

For being someone who used to only write at nighttime, I’m really grateful for realizing change can help with reaching my goals.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. What kind of schedule do you have for your writing, and how do you think it’s working out so far for you this month?

Are You a Plotter or Pantser?

I’ve seen this question going around on Instagram, and I thought I’d chime in.

The question being: are you a plotter or panster?

One of the reasons I love seeing this question being talked about amongst authors is that the answers are always different. Because let’s be honest it’s different for every person.

As far as personally, I’d like to say I’m a mix between the two. Of course it changes depending on whatever book I’m writing. Cursed With Power for instance I did a lot of plotting for. I have journals full of plotting and timelines, etc.

Clara and Claire was a little more mixed. Some parts were planned, other parts I just ran with whatever came into my head. And then when I started writing the sequel I found myself having to plot more because I had to make sure the timeline made sense and connected with the events we found out about in the first book.

Here’s the thing: whether you’re a plotter or a panster –or maybe a little bit of both –it doesn’t matter so long as you’re writing the story in the way that makes the most sense to you. Stay true to yourself and do what works for you. Everyone’s different.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Are you a plotter or panster? Has one worked out better for you than the other?