Cover Reveal Sign Up

Next week on Saturday, September 5th, I’ll be revealing the cover for Clara and Daphne.

I’ve been keeping this cover a secret for about 3 months now, and I’m so excited that in a week’s time I’ll finally be sharing it with you.

If you would like to participate in the reveal -and help share the beautiful cover with me on social media -please please fill out the Sign Up Form. I’ll be sending out the cover to those who sign up sometime on Friday -so you can post to your social media on Saturday for the reveal. Be sure to tag me (@lindseysablowski on instagram or @LindseyReneeR on twitter) so I can share your pictures!

Thank you so much to everyone for the support! I’ve been talking about this book for at least a year now (while it’s been in production), and I’m just excited to be sharing more about it very, very soon.

Right now I am still aiming for a December release -but I will let you know if that changes (hopefully not).

Lastly, in other writing-related news, I’ve really benefited from the break I took this month to recollect my thoughts and relax. I’m more eager than ever next month to jump back into writing -and I already have one secret project (not related to Clara’s series) that is in progress. I’m also planning for the next book in my current series. So while I didn’t write a lot this month, it has been a very product month. Here’s to September being even better.

Happy writing everyone!

Scheduled Break Time (from your writing)

I was so tempted after finishing the 2nd draft of Clara and Daphne to jump right back into writing. Whether to write the next book I have planned (for publication) or to focus on another passion project of mine. But I stopped myself.

Now that my book is finally in the hands of my CP, I decided to take a little break from writing –at least during this time my CP has my book. To take time for myself and catch up on my other hobbies –like reading, video games, and journaling.

Now that’s not to say that I won’t write at all. I do have another project that’s been on the back burner –so I might work on that some, but I don’t want to do anything writing related that may come with a deadline. If I write during this time I just want to do it without obligations. I want to write freely and give myself a much needed break.

Since Clara and Ezra‘s release, I’ve been working on Clara and Daphne 6 days a week –sometimes 7. I didn’t schedule any break time, and when I did take a break from the book it was usually do to being overworked and stressed. From burn out. This certainly isn’t how I want to feel when writing, and it certainly isn’t a healthy way of writing in the future if I want to stay productive and on time with my deadlines.

So as July comes to an end, I’m looking back at all I’ve done these past couples of months and giving myself a break. No commitments, no guilt, no pressure. Just some time to think and relax. So that when my CP gets back to me I’ll feel refreshed and inspired with (hopefully) new ideas. And I’ll be ready to get back to writing this story I love.

Anyways, I wanted to share this because I feel like as writers we work long hours and never realize or admit how taxing those hours can be. We pressure ourselves to keep up with everyone else when really I think we all could use some more scheduled breaks.

As for how to deal with writer’s burn out in the future? I’m not sure I have all the answers yet, but I think smaller daily goals (especially word count goals) and scheduled breaks are definitely key. With my next book I’ll test this theory more and get back to you.

But for now, this is me reminding you it’s ok to take a break from your work. Your story will be there when you’re ready.

Clara and Daphne: 2nd Draft Complete

I’m a week late writing up this post, but on July 5th I finished the 2nd draft of Clara and Daphne. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know I worked day and night to make sure this draft was finished. And while I’m still working out some last minute fixes, it’s a huge relief to know the hardest part is finally over.

If you’re interested in how the 2nd draft was completed, what changes were made, and what’s the next steps before publication –we’re reviewing all of that here. So without further ado, here we go!

Writing the 2nd Draft

Oof, writing this 2nd draft was no easy task. I knew by the time I finished the 1st draft I had my work cut out for me, but I underestimated just how much time I would need to complete the 2nd draft. There were some set backs, especially when it came to just not having enough time/energy. Most of these chapters I spent an hour or more working on –rewriting sections, reorganizing, or just changing certain sections.

Writing Programs/Apps I Used

Half of the reason this draft got done was because I constantly sought out new programs/apps to make the most out of my time. I used a variety of apps –several of which this was my first time using. So I wanted to share that with you, in case any of you want to check them out. Keep in mind, I mainly use my MacBook but I do have a chromebook as well (so I have access to some android-only apps).




Google Docs




Pure Writer


The 1st draft ended at 87k words, and this one ended a little over 97k. So about 10k was added to the story –some chapters were rewritten entirely (especially in the middle and end sections), Salvatore (a new character we meet in this book) is introduced earlier (than in the 1st draft). At least 2 new chapters were added, and one of the original chapters (from the 1st draft) ended up getting cut from this book.

Next Steps

So, what’s next? Well, once I’m finished fixing some last minutes things, this book is off to my critique partner and then to beta readers. The necessary edits will be applied, and then hopefully I can start looking at a date to release this book.

I already have the cover –which I still need to plan a reveal date for. So more on that soon, but I can’t wait to share this cover with you guys –it’s gorgeous, and it’s difficult keeping it all to myself for now.

I think that’s everything for now! I’m proud of how much this book has grown and changed –and I can’t wait to be sharing it soon with you guys. In the meantime, hope you’re staying safe. I plan on taking some relaxing time (from writing) once this book is off to my CP and beta readers –so let me know what books you’re currently reading that I can dive into.

June Update

Hi guys, it’s been a minute.

I found it so difficult to make time for my website on top of everything else I’m juggling lately. Admittedly I never plan ahead with my blog posts, so I have no one else to blame but myself.

I do have a couple topics I want to talk about, but I’m going to save those for later –hopefully in the next week or two if I finish this book (like I’m planning to).

Anyways, on with the update!

I’m currently at 81k words in Clara and Daphne. The 1st draft of this book ended around 87k, and my goal with this 2nd draft is to reach 90k (or more). I think the past two books in this series has been over 90k, so hopefully I go above and beyond that goal, but we’ll see.

I was keeping track of how many words I added (or deleted) overall with each chapter in an excel sheet. Admittedly I’ve been slacking on that as well, so I’ve lost track on how much I’ve actually added into this new draft of the book. I’ll update it and do the final tally once I reach the end and share it with you guys -in case anyone’s curious to see just how many changes occurred between these two drafts.

Overall I’ve been rewriting and adding in a lot of new material. Some new scenes were added in here and there –a lot in the beginning. One of the new characters is introduced earlier on in the book -which was a fun addition because this character has become one of my favorites.

These last two months have been really challenging. This month especially I’ve been using writing sprints (more on that in a future post) and a variety of writing apps/software to keep myself motivated and focused. Sometimes you just need to change things up or give yourself a smaller goal to work towards to help build back up your motivation.

This is the last full week of June, so I definitely have my work cut out for me. At this point anything could happen -I might finish the book, or it might be another week or two. I’m trying to be kind with myself about this process. That despite being behind on my own schedule, I have other things in motion (like the book cover) so that I can still aim for a late winter release.

I’ll try to report back by the end of the month or start of July with another update. Definitely expect one if I finish this draft in time.

For now I’m optimistic with how this draft is finishing up. I think that’s all for now.

Hope everyone’s staying safe.

Writing on the Bad Days

Today I had a crappy day. As bad of a day as it can get, and there was a moment in the day when I really started to feel the weight of everything pulling me down. I thought to myself that today was a day I couldn’t possibly write because I felt awful, and I didn’t want negative thoughts bleeding into my story.

But later in the day I found reasons to laugh and smile. The entire day wasn’t ruined –my night was actually quite peaceful. Once I finally felt at peace again with my emotions I decided that I could write, and, more importantly, that I wanted to write.

I guess the reason I’m sharing this with you is because we all have bad days. Sometimes they’re really bad. I truthfully believe on these “bad” days when our emotions are all over the place we shouldn’t be forcing ourselves to write.

But if your day turns around or maybe you just have that moment of calmness, I think then it’s okay to write. Even if it’s only for five minutes or maybe it’s only 50 words. You never know, you could surprise yourself and end up writing a lot. Writing has always helped me on the rough days, and sometimes you just need to sit down and escape to a different world with make-believe characters and maybe even magic (if there’s fantasy in your story).

I’m writing this tonight to remind you –and myself– that it’s okay if you don’t write on the bad days. And it’s also okay if you do write on those bad days. It’s really up to you –to listen to yourself and your needs and decide what’s best for you.

P.S. Today I did two different writing sessions. Ended up writing a total of 1,050 words… even though at the start of today I didn’t think I had the energy or focus to write at all.

Keep writing, friends. Don’t give up.

April Update

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to write an “official” update on my website, and for that I apologize. Everything is crazy, and the world hasn’t been “normal” for quite some time now.

But I wanted to drop in with an April update and my goals moving forward, so you know exactly where I’m at in this writing process.

Here what I have planned for Clara and Daphne these next upcoming months:

  • April: finish 2nd draft
  • May: if not finished with 2nd draft, finish it here (preferably at the beginning of the month), send book off to CP (critique partner) for review
  • June: review/apply feedback from CP. Send book off to beta readers
  • July: Review/apply feedback from beta readers. Purchase cover art. *Side note: this is also when Imaginarium Book Festival will be taking place! Hope to see you there!
  • August: Final draft/read-through. Get everything ready for publication. Order proofs (if the book is ready for that part of the process)

That’s about as far as I’ve gotten so far in my planning. After August it’s kind of up in the air, depending on where we are in terms of the book being ready and if the artwork for the cover is ready yet.

This book is definitely set to release later in the year –I’m thinking December at this point because I think that gives me plenty of time to make sure everything is ready. Also it’s rare I release a book in the winter months, so it’ll be exciting to release this book (hopefully) in time for Christmas!

Obviously this is all planned based around what I think I can get done. This may all change as we move forward, but I love having a rough plan right now.

I will continue to keep you guys updated daily on Instagram and Facebook with my progress. Hope you enjoy the quotes and teasers I’ve been sharing so far!
Thanks for all your support as always!

Hope you’re staying safe and healthy.

2nd Draft Update

It’s been a minute, so I wanted to drop in and give an update on my progress so far with Clara and Daphne.

I just spent the last 35 minutes writing up an entirely new scene for chapter 8 –which has me entirely exhausted, by the way.

It’s crazy to me that February is almost over. Like one second I felt on track and the next I’m panicking and falling behind. Or at least, I feel like I’ve fallen behind. I’m only on chapter 8 out of 50 (and I’m at 13,000/90,000 words), but in all honestly I’ve been spending at least an hour –if not more– on each chapter. This 2nd draft is very different from the first –there’s a lot of new material that I’m adding in, and I have even more ideas for later on in the story. So when I’m spending an hour or so on one chapter it’s because I’m literally combing through the entire chapter and adding in whatever was originally missing (or I wasn’t happy with).

This 2nd draft is by no means perfect. There’s still some chapters I know I’ll have to go back to and work on some more, but I’m definitely seeing progress, even if that progress isn’t happening instantly. And I’m okay with that. I knew this 2nd draft would take me at least two months, and by the end of March I’ll have a better idea of where I stand in terms of finishing this –if it needs another month, that’s okay, I’ll take another month.

I just want to thank you guys for being patient, and if you follow me on Instagram I hope the daily updates keep you excited for what awaits in the future. As I dive deeper into this book I get more excited about the day when I can finally share it with you guys. Until then I’ll try to share as much as I can as far as my process.

I think that’s all for now. It’s pretty late here, and I’m ready for some much needed sleep.

February and WIP Update

Happy February guys!

I wanted to stop by and give an update as far as my February goals and progress with Clara and Daphne.

At the end of January I finished edits on Clara and Daphne. So I wanted to talk about what’s next as far as getting this book ready for publication.

Right now I’m working on the 2nd draft of the book. This is a project I suspect will take February and March to complete as I’m rewriting, adding in new content, and working out some issues I came across in the 1st draft.

Today was my first day working on the 2nd draft, and I’ve already increased my word count by 852 words. I also rewrote a lot of the first chapter, so I feel a lot more confident with that.

My goal with this 2nd draft is to reach a total of 90k words by the end, and to overall be happier with the book itself. I definitely have a lot of work to do. The 2nd draft is going to  require a lot of rewriting and re-reading, but I’m okay with that. I know what needs to be done, and I’m going into this 2nd draft with a better understanding of the plot and the characters.

If you don’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@lindseysablowski) for daily updates. I post a lot of my progress there, so if you’re interested in seeing how it’s going, definitely stop on by and say hello!

Here’s just a quick look of what needs to be done before Clara and Daphne is ready:

  • 2nd draft
  • Send to CP/beta readers
  • 3rd and possibly 4th draft? (I usually write between 3-4 different drafts. Clara and Ezra had three)
  • Purchasing the cover
  • Deciding on a relate date (still aiming for this year btw –probably a winter release)

So I expect the coming months to be very challenging, but I’m also excited –especially since this morning I already saw such a huge difference between the 1st draft and the 2nd.

I wish you guys the very best with your February goals, and I’ll be checking in again soon. I’ve been working on my book for like 3 hours this morning, so I think it’s time I take a break from writing altogether and relax.

Enjoy your Saturday!

2020 Goals and Release Plans

Happy New Year ya’ll! 

Today I wanted to take the time to talk about my goals for 2020, any upcoming events, and that sort of thing that I have planned for this year.

Goals for 2020:

  • Finish edits for Clara and Daphne –plan to have this done hopefully by the end of January or February at the latest
  • 2nd draft of Clara and Daphne –not sure what the timeline is on this yet
  • Start Youtube/Podcast –this is something I’ve wanted to do for the last year or so. I still don’t know which one I’ll do yet, and I’m actually waiting for us to move so I have a better area where I could record before I make that decision. So this is something that will happen later in the year (maybe around fall???)
  • Work on Bloodline Inheritance re-release –this is something that’s been on my to-do list for a long time. It’s going to require a lot of time and money (for the new cover), which is what’s caused the delay. So depending on how things go this year financially we’ll see what happens
  • Publish Clara and Daphne (before end of year) –I really want to release this book this year, as I’ve promised previously. I still need to purchase the cover for this book, which is still something that’s up in the air (as far as when I can afford to do so). If for some reason Clara and Daphne isn’t ready for release this year, I’m going to try to re-release Bloodline Inheritance so at least I stay consistent with my release schedule (and those of you who haven’t read the book will get to read it in its newest form)

Now obviously these are just a few goals for this year. I really want to get back to a consistent schedule with my writing/editing, and I still have my Nanowrimo project from 2019 that I want to work on too (but that’s really a side project I might save for next year when I have more free time). I’m hoping to post more on here with updates for you guys, and I’m going to start posting content on Patreon again as well.

As far as events go, the only event I have planned so far for this year is the Imaginarium Book Festival, which is happening this May. If you haven’t already, be sure to grab your FREE ticket(s)! I’ll be attending, so you can grab copies of my books, read a teaser from Clara and Daphne, and get some free goodies from my table –so if you come, be sure to stop by and say hi!

I’ll also be making a guest appearance on a podcast in December, but more about that later.

I’m excited for the new opportunities and challenges this year will bring us, and I hope to share as much of my progress with you guys as possible.

What’s your goals for 2020?

Best of 2019


Merry Christmas Eve, y’all! Before the end of the year I wanted to take the time to reflect on 2019 because a lot happened.

Obviously I couldn’t include every highlight from 2019 in one collage, but I feel like the one above highlights the biggest moments for me this year.

Best of 2019:

  • March: Got a new tattoo on my arm to celebrate all of the books I’ve written so far (and also as a [really] late reward to myself for publishing Clara and Ezra)
  • August 10th: Re-released Thicker Than Blood (original release was back in 2014) with a beautiful new cover (curtesy of Hell Yes Design) and interior design.
  • September 28th: Finished the first draft of Clara and Daphne at 87,538 words total. This book gave me a lot of challenges, but in the end it was so worth it. I love Clara’s story, and I can’t wait to share this new addition to the series with you guys soon.
  • November: Participated in and won Nanowrimo, coming in at 50,021 words total. Nanowrimo project is still untitled, but I stepped outside my comfort zone with this one and wrote nearly every single day –only missed 2 or 3 days.
  • Got accepted into Imaginarium Book Festival as an attending author. I’ll see you there May 2nd, 2020!
  • Bought a Chromebook that serves as a “travel” laptop for me when I’m away from home, or also when I’m at home and don’t feel like using my full sized laptop. This little laptop honestly can do a lot, and it’s perfect for just focusing on my writing (I don’t get as distracted as I do on my MacBook)
  • Video Games: this isn’t something I talk about much here, but video games is a hobby of mine when I’m not writing. So in January of this year my boyfriend bought me Red Dead Redemption 2 –which is an amazing game, by the way– and then sometime after that we purchased a game called Hollow KnightHollow Knight brought back my love for video games 110%. Everything from the exploration to the music to the lore of this game inspired me –so much so that I’m still playing this game now and again. I listen to the music daily, especially when I’m writing. (Note: the game pictured in the collage is actually Stardew Valley because between this game and Hollow Knight it was hard to decide. Stardew is my go-to game when I need to relax and take a break from everything else.)

There’s a lot of other memories from 2019 that were great, but these ones were the main highlights for me.

2020 has a lot to live up to, and I already have some things planned for next year, which I’ll be sharing a little later with you guys.

What were your highlights from 2019? Leave them in the comments below, and feel free to share your goals for 2020.

This might be my last post for the year, so in case it is… Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Let’s hope next year is a great one!