December Update

Now that Nanowrimo is over, I finally have time to catch up on everything. November was a crazy, busy month for me. Even though I won Nanowrimo, I was writing nearly every day. I think there were only 3 days in total where I didn’t write –and that was simply because I was too tired/stressed to get words down on paper.

The start of December as also been a been crazy for me as well –with the release of my book. Thank you, by the way, to everyone for the amazing support on release day –it is much appreciated!

2020 has been a crazy year –and that’s an understatement. For me, it’s been a year of work –and in some cases, over-working myself. I’ve completed two novels this month –my Nanowrimo novel and Clara and Daphne. So after much debate, I decided that for the month of December I’m taking a little break from writing and hopefully giving myself the whole month “off” from writing.

Now this doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything writing-related. I did some outlining/planning for my next project earlier this week, and just today I hand-wrote a chapter to a WIP I’ve been wanting to work on (but just don’t have the time yet).

But as for actually writing a book… That will have to wait for January. I need a break this month, and I think after Nanowrimo and with the holidays coming up, I could use a long break before diving into a new story.

I’ll be talking more about my next project probably later this month, but for now I think it’s time to sit back and relax.

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