Clara and Daphne Release Date

Happy Monday, friends! Today I’m happy to announce that I finally have some release news for Clara and Daphne.

Release date: December 6, 2020

Pre-order: Coming Soon (should be live on Amazon in the next 72 hrs)

I’ve gone ahead and ordered the proof for the paperback, so that should be arriving soon. That’s really the last thing I need to review before this book is ready to go.

I’ll be posting another update once the pre-order link is live so you can go directly to Amazon for more details on ordering. The pre-order is for the ebook format only –I unfortunately can’t set up a pre-order for the paperback (hopefully one day in the future KDP will let me do that). So if you pre-order the ebook you’ll be able to start reading on December 6th, or if you prefer paperback, you can place your order on December 6th.

November has been my busiest month so far this year as I’m working on NaNoWriMo and also trying to get this book ready for release, so I’m sorry I haven’t stopped by with more updates.

I’ll most likely be doing some kind of live instagram event or Instagram video to celebrate on release day, so you’re more than welcome to join me –and who knows, maybe I’ll be giving out some free copies.

That’s it for now –I should get back to writing.

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