Cover Reveal: Clara and Daphne

Clara and Daphne (A Rose With Thorns, # 3)

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Cover design by: Hell Yes Design Studio

Release Date: TBA (December 2020 – pre order coming soon)


Every rose has its thorn. Every man has his mask.

Daphne Barlow barely escaped from Ninomay alive.

A twisted turn of events forces her to flee to Shadowland. With nowhere else to go, she finds herself living in a safehouse with mages who remain loyal to Stefan. Amongst the group is none other than her lover, Killian.

Killian is faced with choosing between duty and love. Meanwhile, Daphne uncovers deadly schemes and realizes the safehouse is anything but safe. How could she stay here another day, having witnessed unthinkable horrors?

Daphne’s only hope is escaping with Killian. Can he walk away from a lifetime of crime and still be the man she fell in love with?


In Ninomay, Clara and Lukas work together to deal with the aftermath of tragic events.

When Clara receives a mysterious letter, her worst fears come to light. The island is threatened again –this time with the return of white roses.

While the Council tries to handle the threat internally, rumors soon spread after Declan is attacked and falls ill.

Clara and Lukas’s investigation leads them back to Shadowland, an island far from home and filled with dangers. With death lingering nearby, can they find the rose culprit before another life is lost?

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