Clara and Daphne: 2nd Draft Complete

I’m a week late writing up this post, but on July 5th I finished the 2nd draft of Clara and Daphne. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know I worked day and night to make sure this draft was finished. And while I’m still working out some last minute fixes, it’s a huge relief to know the hardest part is finally over.

If you’re interested in how the 2nd draft was completed, what changes were made, and what’s the next steps before publication –we’re reviewing all of that here. So without further ado, here we go!

Writing the 2nd Draft

Oof, writing this 2nd draft was no easy task. I knew by the time I finished the 1st draft I had my work cut out for me, but I underestimated just how much time I would need to complete the 2nd draft. There were some set backs, especially when it came to just not having enough time/energy. Most of these chapters I spent an hour or more working on –rewriting sections, reorganizing, or just changing certain sections.

Writing Programs/Apps I Used

Half of the reason this draft got done was because I constantly sought out new programs/apps to make the most out of my time. I used a variety of apps –several of which this was my first time using. So I wanted to share that with you, in case any of you want to check them out. Keep in mind, I mainly use my MacBook but I do have a chromebook as well (so I have access to some android-only apps).




Google Docs




Pure Writer


The 1st draft ended at 87k words, and this one ended a little over 97k. So about 10k was added to the story –some chapters were rewritten entirely (especially in the middle and end sections), Salvatore (a new character we meet in this book) is introduced earlier (than in the 1st draft). At least 2 new chapters were added, and one of the original chapters (from the 1st draft) ended up getting cut from this book.

Next Steps

So, what’s next? Well, once I’m finished fixing some last minutes things, this book is off to my critique partner and then to beta readers. The necessary edits will be applied, and then hopefully I can start looking at a date to release this book.

I already have the cover –which I still need to plan a reveal date for. So more on that soon, but I can’t wait to share this cover with you guys –it’s gorgeous, and it’s difficult keeping it all to myself for now.

I think that’s everything for now! I’m proud of how much this book has grown and changed –and I can’t wait to be sharing it soon with you guys. In the meantime, hope you’re staying safe. I plan on taking some relaxing time (from writing) once this book is off to my CP and beta readers –so let me know what books you’re currently reading that I can dive into.

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