Writing on the Bad Days

Today I had a crappy day. As bad of a day as it can get, and there was a moment in the day when I really started to feel the weight of everything pulling me down. I thought to myself that today was a day I couldn’t possibly write because I felt awful, and I didn’t want negative thoughts bleeding into my story.

But later in the day I found reasons to laugh and smile. The entire day wasn’t ruined –my night was actually quite peaceful. Once I finally felt at peace again with my emotions I decided that I could write, and, more importantly, that I wanted to write.

I guess the reason I’m sharing this with you is because we all have bad days. Sometimes they’re really bad. I truthfully believe on these “bad” days when our emotions are all over the place we shouldn’t be forcing ourselves to write.

But if your day turns around or maybe you just have that moment of calmness, I think then it’s okay to write. Even if it’s only for five minutes or maybe it’s only 50 words. You never know, you could surprise yourself and end up writing a lot. Writing has always helped me on the rough days, and sometimes you just need to sit down and escape to a different world with make-believe characters and maybe even magic (if there’s fantasy in your story).

I’m writing this tonight to remind you –and myself– that it’s okay if you don’t write on the bad days. And it’s also okay if you do write on those bad days. It’s really up to you –to listen to yourself and your needs and decide what’s best for you.

P.S. Today I did two different writing sessions. Ended up writing a total of 1,050 words… even though at the start of today I didn’t think I had the energy or focus to write at all.

Keep writing, friends. Don’t give up.

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