2nd Draft Update

It’s been a minute, so I wanted to drop in and give an update on my progress so far with Clara and Daphne.

I just spent the last 35 minutes writing up an entirely new scene for chapter 8 –which has me entirely exhausted, by the way.

It’s crazy to me that February is almost over. Like one second I felt on track and the next I’m panicking and falling behind. Or at least, I feel like I’ve fallen behind. I’m only on chapter 8 out of 50 (and I’m at 13,000/90,000 words), but in all honestly I’ve been spending at least an hour –if not more– on each chapter. This 2nd draft is very different from the first –there’s a lot of new material that I’m adding in, and I have even more ideas for later on in the story. So when I’m spending an hour or so on one chapter it’s because I’m literally combing through the entire chapter and adding in whatever was originally missing (or I wasn’t happy with).

This 2nd draft is by no means perfect. There’s still some chapters I know I’ll have to go back to and work on some more, but I’m definitely seeing progress, even if that progress isn’t happening instantly. And I’m okay with that. I knew this 2nd draft would take me at least two months, and by the end of March I’ll have a better idea of where I stand in terms of finishing this –if it needs another month, that’s okay, I’ll take another month.

I just want to thank you guys for being patient, and if you follow me on Instagram I hope the daily updates keep you excited for what awaits in the future. As I dive deeper into this book I get more excited about the day when I can finally share it with you guys. Until then I’ll try to share as much as I can as far as my process.

I think that’s all for now. It’s pretty late here, and I’m ready for some much needed sleep.

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