February and WIP Update

Happy February guys!

I wanted to stop by and give an update as far as my February goals and progress with Clara and Daphne.

At the end of January I finished edits on Clara and Daphne. So I wanted to talk about what’s next as far as getting this book ready for publication.

Right now I’m working on the 2nd draft of the book. This is a project I suspect will take February and March to complete as I’m rewriting, adding in new content, and working out some issues I came across in the 1st draft.

Today was my first day working on the 2nd draft, and I’ve already increased my word count by 852 words. I also rewrote a lot of the first chapter, so I feel a lot more confident with that.

My goal with this 2nd draft is to reach a total of 90k words by the end, and to overall be happier with the book itself. I definitely have a lot of work to do. The 2nd draft is going to  require a lot of rewriting and re-reading, but I’m okay with that. I know what needs to be done, and I’m going into this 2nd draft with a better understanding of the plot and the characters.

If you don’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@lindseysablowski) for daily updates. I post a lot of my progress there, so if you’re interested in seeing how it’s going, definitely stop on by and say hello!

Here’s just a quick look of what needs to be done before Clara and Daphne is ready:

  • 2nd draft
  • Send to CP/beta readers
  • 3rd and possibly 4th draft? (I usually write between 3-4 different drafts. Clara and Ezra had three)
  • Purchasing the cover
  • Deciding on a relate date (still aiming for this year btw –probably a winter release)

So I expect the coming months to be very challenging, but I’m also excited –especially since this morning I already saw such a huge difference between the 1st draft and the 2nd.

I wish you guys the very best with your February goals, and I’ll be checking in again soon. I’ve been working on my book for like 3 hours this morning, so I think it’s time I take a break from writing altogether and relax.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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