2020 Goals and Release Plans

Happy New Year ya’ll! 

Today I wanted to take the time to talk about my goals for 2020, any upcoming events, and that sort of thing that I have planned for this year.

Goals for 2020:

  • Finish edits for Clara and Daphne –plan to have this done hopefully by the end of January or February at the latest
  • 2nd draft of Clara and Daphne –not sure what the timeline is on this yet
  • Start Youtube/Podcast –this is something I’ve wanted to do for the last year or so. I still don’t know which one I’ll do yet, and I’m actually waiting for us to move so I have a better area where I could record before I make that decision. So this is something that will happen later in the year (maybe around fall???)
  • Work on Bloodline Inheritance re-release –this is something that’s been on my to-do list for a long time. It’s going to require a lot of time and money (for the new cover), which is what’s caused the delay. So depending on how things go this year financially we’ll see what happens
  • Publish Clara and Daphne (before end of year) –I really want to release this book this year, as I’ve promised previously. I still need to purchase the cover for this book, which is still something that’s up in the air (as far as when I can afford to do so). If for some reason Clara and Daphne isn’t ready for release this year, I’m going to try to re-release Bloodline Inheritance so at least I stay consistent with my release schedule (and those of you who haven’t read the book will get to read it in its newest form)

Now obviously these are just a few goals for this year. I really want to get back to a consistent schedule with my writing/editing, and I still have my Nanowrimo project from 2019 that I want to work on too (but that’s really a side project I might save for next year when I have more free time). I’m hoping to post more on here with updates for you guys, and I’m going to start posting content on Patreon again as well.

As far as events go, the only event I have planned so far for this year is the Imaginarium Book Festival, which is happening this May. If you haven’t already, be sure to grab your FREE ticket(s)! I’ll be attending, so you can grab copies of my books, read a teaser from Clara and Daphne, and get some free goodies from my table –so if you come, be sure to stop by and say hi!

I’ll also be making a guest appearance on a podcast in December, but more about that later.

I’m excited for the new opportunities and challenges this year will bring us, and I hope to share as much of my progress with you guys as possible.

What’s your goals for 2020?

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