September Goals

Happy September guys! Hard to believe August came and went so quickly, but we’re that much closer to Halloween, so I’m pretty happy.

August was not a good writing month for me. Even though I came up with a new daily goal for my writing I still had a hard time getting in those daily words, mainly because I found it hard to make time for my writing.

But today I’m focusing on September goals because it’s a new month and that means change, and hopefully the good kind.

September Goals:

  • Reach 80k in Clara and Daphne
  • IGTV episode talking about Vellum (interior formatting program I use for my books now)
  • Reach 500 daily word count goal at least 5 times a week
  • Update Patreon rewards –more on this later, but I’m going to be updating the rewards to focus more on helping/benefiting writers (as right now that’s where I want to focus most)

So obviously there’s a lot of work ahead of me this month. I’m eager to reach 80k in my WIP because remember my end goal is to hit 90k, and usually I tend to struggle when I’m this close to the end. This first draft has really been knocking me on the ground more times than I’d like to admit, but I think once I’m actually finished and can start the editing/re-writing process that will help make draft 2 easier on me. Right now I’m just trying to get the words down on the paper.

As far as releases go, I don’t have any others planned for the rest of this year. I’m working hard on finishing Clara and Daphne so that can hopefully release sometime next year (hopefully).

That’s all for right now. I know this was a quick and brief update, but that’s kind of all I have happening right now.

I’m eager to hear what your September goals are for yourself –whether they’re writing related or not. Be sure to share your goals in the comments below so we can cheer each other on.

Wishing everyone a successful month! I’ll be back again soon!

Happy writing!

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