March Goals

hello march printed paper on white surface

Believe it or not March is here.  A new month means new goals! And this month I’m really aiming to set goals for myself that I can achieve as well planning more posts for this website for you guys.

But first, let’s talk about February. February was a hard month for me as far as from a writing standpoint. I unfortunately had some serious writer’s block, and overall I wasn’t feeling motivated. I can’t exactly explain how. These things happen, and I know it’s normal, but it’s still disappointing to fall behind.

So moment of honesty, let’s talk about what my total word count for the month of February was.


Yeah, not good. February was probably my least productive writing month in a long time. I don’t usually share my monthly results, but I decided to (and hopefully from now) so you guys can hold me accountable. And for those of you who are struggling like me –you’re not alone.

So as for my goals for March?

I’m hoping to reach 35k in Clara and Daphne. Or at least 30k. Right now I’m at 22k, so it’s definitely doable if I refocus and find different ways to stay motivated.

I’m finally going to write up some planned blog posts, so I can post more frequently for you guys.

And I just purchased something so I can upload videos IGTV and maybe in the future record videos for Youtube. This is something new I’m still working out, but for beginnings I’m going to do more videos on IGTV and hopefully some more live videos on Instagram if people join in.

Other than that, let me know if there’s anything else you guys would like to see either on Instagram or on the website here.

Thanks so much for your support as always guys.

Let me know what your March goals are in the comments below.

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