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The day we’ve been waiting for, the day I’ve been talking about for a little over a year now, is finally here!

Happy release day to Clara and Ezra!

As of today the ebook version of the book is live. This means you can pick up your copy today and start reading. Or you could gift it to a friend who loves a good fantasy/mystery novel.

Only the ebook is available today. The paperback will be releasing next week. I had to order the proof to make sure everything looks ok, so the proof will be showing up November 21st. As long as it looks ok I’ll hit that publish button that very same day. So a little delay in the paperback, which is unusual for me, but I promise it’ll be out next week! And I’ll be posting again to share that news as well so you’ll have all the updated purchase links.

As for the ebook, here’s the links: Amazon, Goodreads

The ebook is $3.99.

I’ll be sharing more about this book throughout the day, but most importantly I just wanted to thank everyone. Thank you for your patience. This book, being now my 6th complete novel, was my hardest yet to write. It took me a while after Clara and Claire‘s release to get back on track with the sequel. And it took me much longer to finish the book than I expected.

But here it is, we’ve made it to release day! And I couldn’t be more proud of the book I’ve released, that I can now share with you guys. It’s a story with more mystery than the first one, a story I was excited to tell and even more excited to share. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Stay tuned for the links to the paperback.

And in the meantime, happy reading!


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