August Goals

August is here, and before we know it summer will be over.

I have one goal for August: to finish Clara and Ezra.

This book has taken longer than I had intended, but with good reason. There have been breaks, personal set backs, and issues within the story itself that have challenged me. And of course the word count issue, being that the 2nd draft of the book was too short and didn’t hit close enough to 90k.

90k is a tough goal to reach. I’m more than halfway done in terms of reaching this goal, and I still feel like it is far from my grasp.

This month I am taking a long vacation, but when I come back I intend to be properly fueled with motivation and determined to get this book done.

I still intend to release the book before the end of this year, and if that means losing a few hours of sleep to get there I’ll do it.

This month I want to focus on finishing the book. Then we can talk about everything that happens next. But first… let’s get this thing done!

P.S. thank you to everyone for this patience! I’ve spent so much time on this book, and my hope is that it will reflect as such when the book becomes available to you. Thank you so much ❤️

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