Round 1 Edits: Complete

As I previously announced on my social media sites yesterday, round 1 of edits for Clara and Ezra is complete. I’m celebrating today by going to Michael’s and treating myself to new stickers, a new calendar and planner, and perhaps some other things I can use for my Instagram photos.

Round 1 of edits was actually a lot of rewriting. I read once that rewriting is the best form of editing because you’re subconsciously added in new details as you re-type what you already had in the book. The book ended at 69k, and with this round of edits I’m at 72k. Keep in mind again this was me rewriting what I had already wrote. Fixing a lot of little things here and there. Adding in a new chapter, etc.

But the bigger changes, the ones that are going to help me reach my goal of 90k are coming with round 2 of edits.

Round 2 of edits is something I also did with Clara and Claire. I print out the entire book and get it spiral bound –something you can order from Staples. I then go through the book again with a pen and highlighter, actually reading the book and looking for the bigger questions this time around. See what’s missing, what’s not fitting, what needs to be changed or added. And then I apply those changes into the book.

I like to take this process chapter by chapter. And for me looking at something on paper makes it much easier for me to see problems than on a computer screen.

I want to present my best work to my beta readers. So when I finish reading through the book one last time and added in the additional scenes I already have planned out, I will then send it to my beta readers for the last read over before getting it ready for publication.

This might mean my book doesn’t release in July. And if that’s the case I’m not going to beat myself over it because quiet honestly this book is more complicated than the first. This book I also had a long break from at the beginning of the process. I don’t want to force it into publication if it’s not ready. And I know once I go through this last read through it will be in its strongest form.

I’m both excited and nervous that this book could potentially be done before I know it. I think this summer will be the perfect time for me to finish what I need to get done in the book and then hand it over to my beta readers. And while they have it I’ll prepare for the next book (the one after this) that I still have yet to reveal.

There’s a lot of good things coming. There’s a lot of hard work being put into this, and I hope at the end of this you’re as excited for Clara’s new adventure as I am.

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