the Magicians series update

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As I mentioned what feels like forever ago, the Magicians series is in the middle of a massive remodeling (and rebranding).

The entire series will be seeing a new cover redesign via Hell Yes Design. Lori and I have worked together to redesign Cursed With Power and Shadows and Embers, and I will be hiring her again to finish the final two books in the series.

As we go into 2018 I wanted to make sure there was no confusion about the series and its availability –as I know I’ve been promoting CWP and SandE only (along with Clara and Claire separately).

All four books are available for purchase. Ebook, paperback –whatever your preference, they’re all available. I haven’t been promoting Thicker Than Blood and Bloodline Inheritance because I feel like the marketing wouldn’t do the books justice until they have their much needed newly designed covers. But rest assured, they are still very much available.

Furthermore, one of my goals for 2018 is to at least get the cover squared away for Thicker Than Blood. I can’t speak for Lori’s schedule, but I’m hoping together we can at least get that done with the new year. She’s currently working on the cover for my upcoming novel, Clara and Ezra, as I felt that took precedence over my older (already published) books.

As for Bloodline Inheritance, I believe this book may take longer. I’m actually intending a huge remodeling as far as this book –not just with interior and the cover design, but with the story itself as well.

2018 is looking ahead to be a very busy year already, but I definitely still have big plans for the redesign of these books, and thankfully we’re half way there.

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