Shadows and Embers: 2nd edition

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The 2nd edition of Shadows and Embers is now available. Here’s everything you need to know for how you can get your hands on the 2nd edition!

First off, I will no longer be making the original 1st edition available for sale online. This is to ensure there is no confusion, and so that new readers starting the series will buy the newest editions of the books. This will be the case for the entire series. All the original editions will not be available for sale after the 2nd edition releases. So if you want the original cover art –buy them now while they’re available.

As for the 2nd edition of Shadows and Embers, you can buy it now. The ebook is live on Amazon. I will be updating the website, as well as other social media with the purchase links, but most of them won’t become available until the paperback is live as well.

As for the paperback, I have ordered a proof. I always do this to ensure nothing looks wrong with the paperback before I release it to the world. The proof is on its way –and Createspace is usually great with shipping– so I expect the paperback to be available by next week at the latest –unless of course there are unforeseen issues that arise.

I’ve bought new beautiful stock images you’ll see floating around later tonight. And I still have a lot of updating to do on the website (in terms of what’s going on with the Magicians series). I have also fallen behind on writing again and am determined to force myself to write no matter how terrible it is. I saw so many stock images for Clara and Ezra that now I’m feeling motivated again.

Last but not least, this Saturday is my book signing. If you’re in or near the MD area, please come out and support your local author. I’m very excited and can’t wait to share pictures and so forth with you all. I have a bunch of books at my home just waiting to be signed!

That’s all for now, but I’ll be returning later on to add more to the website (you might notice changes and updates on the “books” page and so forth).

Thank you all for your patience and support!

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