Cursed With Power Audiobook

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BIG NEWS: Cursed With Power is being turned into an audiobook. Thanks to ACX I’ve found a narrator, and she and I are more than thrilled to start on this new adventure together. Finally Celestria’s voice is literally coming to life.

All those people who always tell me “oh, but I don’t like reading” –well, we’ve got you covered now! Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, now you can bring Celestria’s story along with you and listen at your own pace.

Bringing my books into audiobook format has been a dream and goal of mine for years now. Recently I decided to make that dream and reality. Cursed With Power will be the first of my books to be released as an audiobook. The rest will be worked into the mix later on. There’s a lot going on right now as far as book releases, this audiobook, and working on Clara and Ezra –so all in due time. The rest of the Magicians series will be worked into being released as audiobooks after their re-release.

As far as the audiobook for Cursed With Power, we’re looking to be done by December 1st. My narrator and I will be working hard to make it possible for CWP‘s audiobook to be ready and for sale by the time Christmas and other holidays hit.

I’m excited (and still in shock), and I hope you’ll all join me in this new adventure we’re taking Celestria on. I’ll keep you updated with our progress!

2 thoughts on “Cursed With Power Audiobook”

  1. It’s kind of sad when your brother uses the i’ll listen if you make it an audiobook line D:

    Audiobooks are one of the things I haven’t looked into. I have no idea how much they would cost lol

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