Goal: hit 50k

This month as far as writing goes has been extremely stressful. I think the problem being that I set goals for myself that were unrealistic. I started writing Clara and Ezra at the very end of June. It’s only August. So having a goal where I finished the book this month was a bit extreme, considering that would have been the fastest I’ve ever written a first draft.The problem we face as writers when we set ourselves up with unrealistic goals is that it brings upon more stress than necessary. I found myself so stressed out this month and, if I’m being honest, disappointed in myself. All of which could have been avoided if I had set goals that I knew I could achieve. And then if I crush those goals and go above and beyond that’s a nice little bonus.

There are only two days left to August. My original goal was to finish this month at 70k words. Now my goal is to finish with 50k. If I hit over 50k even better, but realistically speaking just finishing at 50k will be enough for me.

As far as a completion date for this book, which a lot of people have been asking me, we’re looking at September. Clara and Claire was around 90k, so that’s the goal I’m aiming for with this book too. So I’m aiming to finish the book in September and by October start editing (aka rewriting).

I usually write 1k daily on the days that I do write. Admittedly, as you’ll see tomorrow, there have been days where I didn’t write at all. There have been days where I did not reach my 1k goal. But 1k daily is a realistic goal for me. I’ve done it in the past, and I know I can continue doing it.

I’ve gotten back into using my word count app, Wordly, to track my progress. I’ll also share pictures of that tomorrow as well. And I am still using my calendar with the stars to show what days I reached my goal and what days I did not.

I’d like to make September a more successful month. I would like to learn from my mistakes. Set realistic goals, and remember every now and then I’m going to need to breathe.

I’ll post a more detailed post tomorrow. I know I still am slacking as far as blog posts go, and I’m in the process of working on that too. So please be patient with me, and remember if you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat you can get daily updates!

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