Writing Desk


A writing desk. It seems like common sense that if you’re a writer, regardless of if you’re aspiring or published, you should have a writing desk. However, for me I’ve gone my whole life without ever having a desk of any kind for my writing. Sure I had a desk when I was younger, prior to pursuing my dreams as an author, but once I got serious about writing I never had a desk. The majority of my writing over the years has been done either in my bed or sitting on a couch. Not ideal.

Last night with the help of my parents and a close friend of mine, we set up my writing desk. This is the same desk that many, many years prior had been a desk my parents bought me when I was a girl. It’s real wood. So when I was looking into having a writing desk my dad offered to repaint the desk black (of course, what other color would I want). And once he repainted it I fell in love all over again.

I still have a lot of ideas of things I want to add to my desk. Quotes, pictures, and other gimmicks I want to place in that space. I bought the knobs for the drawers, and since the desk was repainted to a color I favored, it really does feel like a whole new desk. It feels like it’s finally my desk.

I’m not sure why for years now I’ve gone without a desk for writing. And I know I’m not alone in this. It amazes me just how many of my fellow authors are without desks. (Shoutout if you’re fortunate enough to have an entire office dedicated to your work). My desk is not huge, but neither is my room. In the grand scheme of everything it is still a small space, but it’s a corner dedicated to my writing. It’s the place where I plan on finishing Clara and Ezra and many future books. 

If you don’t have a writing desk, I highly recommend one. Dedicate a space to your writing, even if it’s a small space. If you’re able to, dedicate a larger space to your writing –this gives even more opportunities. It’s not only motivating but it also helps with focusing. Sit down, get to work, and then when you leave that space you can do things outside of writing (or writing related material). 

If anything my goal with having a desk now is to really work on focusing. I get easily distracted. Sometimes after I’ve been writing for a while I need a break, and sometimes that break turns into countless minutes on Facebook or Pinterest or messaging someone. These breaks are okay, but it’s important to know when to break and when to get back to work. One of the things I want to purchase for my desk is a timer, so I can set a specific time for how long I’ll write, and then when I hear the buzzer, take a break for x amount of time. I don’t have all of the details worked out, but I’ll keep you updated.


I’m not going to lie. August is proving to be a difficult month. I am behind. Most days I am panicking over this first draft. But I am trying to get back into a schedule. I am trying to get back to be consistent with my writing. And one of these months, whether that’s this month or next or two months from now, I want to get into the schedule of writing daily and consistently. Not having long periods of time with 0 words written. I don’t want to keep feeling guilt for my lack of writing. I want to write, get the work done, and then go about my day. That’s the goal here. It’ll not only help me get books done but it will help with releasing books sooner. More on that later, but for now fingers crossed this desk will help me get back on track.

Where do you write? Post a picture of your writing space in the comments; I’d love to see.

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