Month in review: July 2017


Now that I’m finally back into the full swing of writing, I’m also trying to revive the blog (and I swear I’m getting there… baby steps)!

July was a hard month for me. After a 7 month writing break I started writing again around the 28th of June. I started out in July with 8,656 words in total for Clara and Ezra. I finished this month with approximately 30k (because I’m writing more tonight after this post). Now I’ve never claimed to be a fast writer. I actually know for a fact to be on the slower side of writing (especially when it comes to first drafts). You’d think with working on a sequel this would be easier, but I went from writing a mystery novel to writing a murder mystery novel. So yeah, a bit more complicated.

So again want to shoutout to V.E. Schwab for sharing her wisdom on Twitter about how she tracks her progress. Like her, I also finally decided to go out and buy a calendar specifically for my writing progress.

Now keep in mind the days you don’t see any star stickers are days when I wrote 0 words. (The days with heart stickers on days when I wrote but hit under 1000 words, hence did not reach my daily word count goal.) Sadly there’s more days with 0 words than I’d like to see, but this goes to show… You can always improve.

Hitting a total of 30k this month isn’t by any means huge. My goal was actually 40k, which I’m obviously not going to reach tonight. But if we’re being honest I also can’t be entirely disappointed with myself. This is still a strong start after a 7 month writing break. This is still a strong start for someone getting back into writing while juggling a full-time job, life, and unexpected twists at every corner. (And did I mention my cat?)

Overall? July was a good start. It was a fresh start and it gives me hope. I think this calendar system is amazing, and I wish I had known about it years ago. This month was all about trial and error for me. I saw what did work and what didn’t. I tried new things and I organized myself.

As for next month, I have bigger goals I’m setting for myself. In a perfect world I’d love to see Clara and Ezra complete by the end of August. But I also know that’s very optimistic and somewhat unrealistic for myself (because I know the pace at which I write), so it’s also very likely I don’t finish in August and it instead is finished in September.

At the very least I want to hit 80k in August. Clara and Claire was a total of 90k by the time I was finished with that book, so I’m guessing this sequel to be that or over.

The sooner I finish this first draft the better. Everything else will be easier to determine and plan out once I know how much (or how little) I’m working with.

I have a lot of hopes for August, and I hope I reach them or even better yet surpass them. I’m really trying to get this book out to you guys as soon as possible while also ensuring it’s in its best form.

Just wanted to thank everyone so much for all the support this month. Along with writing Clara and Ezra this month the 2nd edition of Cursed With Power released and we celebrated the book anniversaries for Shadows and Embers and Bloodline Inheritance (who knew I had so many book anniversaries all in one month). Your support with my new release and my current WIP means the world to me. Can’t wait to see what we accomplish for August!

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