CWP re-release news

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I’ve been talking a lot about the re-release of Cursed With Power, and I’m happy to announce I’ll be setting the re-release date for this month (July).
Now I don’t have an official date set yet. I just got the interior for the paperback and ebook yesterday, which means this Thursday I’m going to be ordering the proof to check over everything looks right with the paperback. Then I’ll set a release date (which will be soon after).
I will most likely throw a party on Facebook for the release (and hopefully remember to post the link here).
Just a reminder, this is the second edition of Cursed With Power. Some amazingly talented women have helped make this re-release possible. CWP got a new designed book cover, a new interior (that I’m more in love with than how it looked when my published designed it), and new branding (as far as my name goes).
Getting this book back onto the market is huge, and a lot of work has been put into it (by various people).
After this re-release I’m going to start planning the re-releases for the remainder of the series. My end goal is to have all the covers redesigned in a way so you can tell they’re all part of a series. And to give them more of a fantasy feel. As much as I have loved the old covers, if I’m being honest they have not matched the books in the way that they should as far as the genre and themes.
So there’s still a lot of work to do with this series, but CWP was my biggest concern. The other books I can still keep on the market until they’re ready for their re-release (so that’s a bonus).
CWP will be re-releasing this July in both paperback and ebook. The prices for both will be announced upon release, but I can promise it is going to be a cheaper price than what my publisher had chosen as the list price. Copies will be available on Createspace, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble (to name a few of the main websites).
Signed copies will be available October 14th at Greetings and Readings in Hunt Valley, MD (along with other copies of my books).
I still have a few copies of the first edition, which I’m debating on what I’ll do with them. Definitely at least bringing one along to the book signing!
In the meantime stay tuned. I know it’s been a long time coming, and I appreciate your patience so much. This book is releasing this month, and as soon as I approve the proof I will set the date. By next week I should have a set date.
So hang tight just a little longer. Release day will be here before you know it! (And I have lots of new promo material to share when it does!)

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