Clara and Ezra summary


At long last I am writing again. I announced shortly after the release of Clara and Claire that my next WIP is the sequel, Clara and Ezra. As I mentioned in my last post, these past few months definitely added an unforeseen challenge. I hadn’t written anything solid for months, but this week I’ve finally been diving back into Clara’s world. And I finally feel confident enough to say I’m going to be getting back on track –at the very least, I’m getting back to writing, which feels like I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing.

I’ll talk more about the writing aspect of this in later posts, but for right now I want to focus on the sequel, my current work in progress.

clara and ezra teaser

Now at the time when I announced Clara and Ezra I didn’t have a lot of the plot worked out at the time. I didn’t go back to see what I shared in that announcement, but I do know for a fact it did not include a summary of the book. So without further ado, I’d like to finally share a summary for the book. If you’re uncertain about reading it (if you haven’t finished or read Clara and Claire yet) don’t worry, I think it’s pretty spoiler free.

Clara and Ezra summary:

Death does not wear a mask.
Clara Nasso is plagued with the knowledge of secrets. The secrets her mother, Nina, hid for twenty years.
After a life threatening event in Rajoor, Clara returns to Ninomay. That morning she and her companions are greeted with the news. There’s been a murder.
Chaos erupts, suspects are arrested, and paranoia spreads like wildfire. All the while secrets about Nina’s past prove to be more twisted than anyone imagined.
One murder escalates into a series of killings. Bloodshed hits close to home, and Clara is forced to battle her inner demons. She develops a closer relationship with Ezra and Lukas, one who has killed for her, the other who claims to love her. The killer’s unpredictable and gruesome maneuvers force them to set aside their own personal desires.
A new figure emerges from the shadows. Someone with no set alliance, who can either help the Ninomay or watch the island bleed.
With countless lives at stake, Clara questions the loyalty of those closest to her. Can Clara unveil the killer before another person dies?
And there you have it! That’s the summary for Clara and Ezra. Mind you this is just a working summary. It will most likely change before the release of the book, but for now it’s better than nothing and I feel like it’s a good step in the right direction.
This book means a lot to me, and the fact that I’m already 5k back into it means I’m finally moving forward and away from my writer’s block. I have a lot of catching up to do. The release date is currently undetermined as I need to first focus on finishing the first draft to give any accurate estimate. But overall I’m happy to be back in Clara’s world and finding my way around again.
So let me know in the comments what you think!
Who’s ready to solve a murder mystery?

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