Release countdown: 3 days


Releasing a book out into the world is both an existing and scary adventure. Think about how many books you’ve seen in the library, the bookstore, even at stores like Target and Walmart. And then think about all of the books online. It’s safe to say there is an endless amount of books everywhere.

With Clara and Claire releasing in just three days, I just wanted to share once more how you can be a part of the big day. If you haven’t already, join the FB event where we’ll be celebrating the release. Several wonderful authors have agreed to participate in takeover slots where they’ll be talking about their writing and books with you, and also giving away any goodies they have. I also have several things planned out myself that I’ll be sharing throughout the day –including the amazing songs that helped me finish writing the book.

Remember the FB event is public and open to everyone. It’s an all day event that I’ll be starting at 7am. I’ll be posting the purchase links as well.

Even if you can’t buy the book this weekend, or maybe fantasy/mystery books aren’t your thing, sharing matters! You never know what friends or family members might be looking for a new book to read.

Again I just want to thank everyone who’s been so patient with the release and so supportive. Some amazingly talented women helped me bring Clara and Claire to life, and also made it possible for me to release this book this year! I’m over the moon about the release, and I’m hoping once you read the first few sentence or two you’ll be too.

Remember, an author’s success is not measured by how many books they release, but rather by how many readers they have.

Thanks everyone, and get ready because it’s almost release time!

Lindsey Richardson

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