Clara and Claire Release


The release date for Clara and Claire is now officially set! The ebook version of Clara and Claire will be releasing Saturday, December 3rd. Remember that the paperback will be available soon, and I’ll be announcing a date for that as soon as I have one.

With the release means I’m also hosting a FB event to celebrate and share the big day! There will be several authors showing up throughout the day to participate as well. The event is entirely online, and anyone can join! I have a poll going on right now for you to enter the name of the person who invited you –and the one with the most votes wins an Amazon gift card!

In regards to the FB event, it’s going on all day. I’ll be waking up at 7am to get things started and share the purchase links. Feel free to also stop in and ask questions or just say hi.

This release means so much to me. For those of you who have been following along since I started writing Clara and Claire, you know it’s been a long road. It felt even longer when I first started out and had to come to terms with the Magicians series being over. But Clara and Claire was a new beginning for me. It’s given me so much hope and inspiration, and I can only hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

It’s going to be a fun and exciting day, and I can’t wait to share the day with you! Remember if you purchase an ebook you can get a free digital signature through Authorgraph, and I’ll post the direct link to that once I add Clara and Claire to their database.

There’s a lot left for me to do to make sure everything goes smoothly on Saturday. But in the meantime, prepare to solve a mystery!

Lindsey Richardson

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