How to Support an Author


With Clara and Claire‘s release being a week away, today I wanted to talk about how you can support authors. Whether they be best sellers, indies, or everything else in between. Along with supporting them comes the support for the books they write, the ones we fall in love with. One with out the other isn’t possible.

And with Christmas approaching soon, I expect there will be even more books to release before the holidays.

So first let’s talk about the easiest and free way of support authors:

  • Share on social media –Did they release the official book cover? Release date? Purchase links? Every little bit helps because you know a different group of people than the author.
  • Attend virtual events –You don’t even have to leave your house for this one! Virtual events might be live Q & A’s or Facebook events. They’re free, and you can participate all from the comfort of your home. It’s a great chance for you to learn more about the author and their book(s), and you never know you might walk away with a signed copy of something by the end of the night
  • Follow them on social media –Like their FB page, follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Most other use a lot of different social media, and this is also a great way for you to stay constantly updated on the latest news revolving around the book(s) you love. (And if you’re already following them, take it to the next step, and recommend their page to a friend.)
  • Tell your friends and family –Maybe you’re at a party, the coffee shop, at your dinner table… Whatever it be, word of mouth is so powerful. I can’t stress this enough. When you’re talking to someone in person it’s a great opportunity to tell them about the book(s) you love. Just read a brand new release? Tell them about it. Even if they’re not a reader themselves, they might know someone who is.
  • LEAVE A REVIEW –Alright this one is major. I’m putting this under the “free” solutions because it is 100% free. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and even on your own blog/website (if you have one), are all just a few examples of where you can leave a review for a book. Whether you love it or hate it, reviews are so important. Think about it… What’s one of the first things you see when you’re looking at the product? Chances are you probably read the reviews or skim over the star rating before you buy it. Whether the author is new or a best seller, this is something all authors can agree on. Reviews never go un-noticed and they are never taken for granted. We love reviews and can never get enough! And don’t forget, it can be short and simple too; we don’t mind.

Alright, so we’ve talked about the free ways to support authors. But what are the other ways? These ways I’m mentioning may or may not cost money, but if you love a book that an author writes odds are you’re willing to pay to support it.

  • BUY THE BOOK –Whether it be ebook or paperback, when you purchase a book the author makes a royalty. Royalties are how authors survive. It’s way countless authors can’t afford to write full-time because it’s not a steady income. Every time you buy a book, you’re supporting the author who wrote it. If you’re ever uncertain about where you can purchase the book(s), ask the author or go to their website. Always purchase from trusted websites.
  • Pre-order the book –This goes along with buying the book, but it never hurts to pre-order. If the author has the option, you should definitely take advantage of it. It allows you to get the book sooner, and it’s like saying “thank you” to the author.
  • Attend book signings –This could also be in the “free” solutions, but some book signings cost money to attend and usually if you attend you’re there to spend money. So let’s just say this is one that will cost you some money (most likely). Book signings are a great way to meet face to face with the author who wrote the story you love. If you already have a copy of the book you can get it signed, and if not you can purchase a book there. Sometimes there’s even extra goodies if you attend, so if you don’t have anything planned on the day of a book signing go check it out. I guarantee you it’s worth the time.
  • Purchase any merchandise –Maybe the book has merchandise that goes along with it. Shirts and other goodies. Ask the author where you can purchase them, and remember this goes along with supporting the book. (And it’s a great way for you to share with friends and family!)

I might have left out some other support methods, so if you think of any others leave them in the comments. But overall I wanted to touch on the big pointers, the ones that I think we often times forget about. There are so many ways to support authors and the books they write. Keep this in mind when you’re purchasing books for this holiday season.

Also if you have a favorite book or author you’ve been supporting, leave them in the comments and I’ll check them out!

Lindsey Richardson

P.S. If you’re wondering more specifically about Clara and Claire…. There will be a pre-order option for the ebooks as soon as I know the release date (which I should know by tomorrow). The book will be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Createspace. Ebook and paperback copies will be available for purchase. If you need any help purchasing let me know. I’ll be signing ebooks as well as paperbacks.


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