Writing Breakthrough Moment


As September comes to an end, I’m thinking back to how important last September was to my writing. More specifically to Clara and Claire because last year around this time I had my  breakthrough moment.

I think every writer has a breakthrough moment. It might not be obvious, and then other times it might be the difference between writing and giving up. And while I’m sure everyone has a different definition of what a breakthrough moment is, in my experience it’s the moment when you know this is the story you want to continue with. All the doubts, questions, and fears you had before might still be there, but you have a moment of clarity where you’re ably to fully embrace the story and the book altogether for everything (flaws included).

And there’s no telling when this moment will happen for you. Maybe it’s at the beginning or maybe it doesn’t happen until nearly the end of the book. How can you get to your breakthrough moment? There’s really no set of rules or guidelines to get there. For me, it’s just happened, and perhaps that’s the magic behind writing. Some things can’t be determined ahead of time. Sometimes you have to take the leap of faith and see what happens.

If you haven’t reached your breakthrough yet and you’re feeling frustrated, don’t give up. Giving up will only leave you with unanswered questions. Take a break, listen to music, look for new inspiration, or just try (writing) a different angle. For me my breakthrough with Clara and Claire didn’t happen until I joined a writing support group on Facebook. This was my first time joining a support group, but now I definitely want to stay with it as I continue with my writing career.

Had a breakthrough already? Let me know in the comments what was your moment, or if you’re still waiting on it.

On a different note…

Just wanted to give a quick update about Clara and Claire. My editor has been in contact with me this week. Right now we’re working on content edits, and I should be getting the results of that soon and then going to work on that. Good news is everything is going smoothly, and we’re working hard to release the book as soon as humanly possible! I’ll keep you updated!

Lindsey Richardson

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