Clara and Claire on Goodreads

As promised, I wanted to update you on a few new things as far as everything on Goodreads. Earlier today I added Clara and Claire to the Goodreads database, so if you’re eager for the release you can go ahead and add it your reading list. The official summary is up on there as well, and the cover will be uploaded on cover reveal day.

Also, if you head over to Goodreads you might notice that under Clara and Claire there are two authors mentioned: Lindsey Richardson and Lindsey R. Sablowski. After completing the Magicians series, I decided I want to publish the remainder of my work under Lindsey Richardson. Unfortunately as of right now Goodreads doesn’t support authors with multiple pen names, so I had to make another account for my “new” name. I’m waiting to be approved for the Lindsey Richardson account (to be put in the author program). So it’s not confusing to readers (or myself), I’m putting Clara and Claire under both names on Goodreads. That way no matter which name you know me better as you still find the same work.

So if you have a Goodreads account (or make one today), please let me know if Clara and Claire sounds like your kind of book. I can’t wait to share more, but in the meantime: baby steps.

All in all, this turned out to be a much shorter post than I originally thought. Just a quick update while I decide what else to do with the spare time I have (now with being undecided on whether I should start writing my next book or not). Feel free to leave recommendations of books I should check out on Goodreads in the comments below! Thanks so much for your support!

Lindsey Richardson 

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