Editing at home: Day Three

day3-2Day three. (Technically day four because it’s 2am, but hey, who’s counting?)

Today has been overwhelming. My brain decided halfway through editing to change up a scene in one of the later chapters, and it’s a pretty huge change. It’s the kind of change where for the rest of the day you’re writing it out instead of going over what’s already there in front of you. That’s how I ended up at what’s now a 100k total novel. Scary!

But in all fairness I don’t regret it. I spent a lot of time on this today, and I’m feeling good about it. It’s something I’m excited for. I have a little more to add onto the beginning of chapter 26, but after that I think I’ll be golden.

So as of right now I’m on chapter 26 out of 37 total chapters. I’m really hoping I can finish 11 whole chapters tomorrow. It’s not going to be an easy day, since I also have to finish packing up the rest of the house. I’m just not sure how busy I’ll be Saturday with moving and getting the cats settled, so I’d rather just finish everything tomorrow and be done with it. We’ll see how it goes.

The only reason I’m stopping tonight is because of how late it is, and I’m feeling braindead. I just don’t have the energy right now. Tomorrow morning (this morning) I plan on starting early, and I’ll have coffee, so it’s really promising. I can’t guarantee anything, but before the end of Friday you’ll know if I got everything done or not. *panic mode activated*

Today’s post is really short in comparison to my last two, but I promise tomorrow (especially if I finish) I’ll have more to talk about because then it’ll be one less thing off my plate. And it’ll mean we’re moving even closer to publication, which always leaves me feeling excited!

Hope to hear from you guys tomorrow on my final day of vacation (aka free editing time). Definitely send good vibes your way if you’re in the middle of writing or editing! It’s a crazy time of the year. Here’s to hoping it all works out.

Lindsey Richardson

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