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bullet journal

Yesterday I read about this thing called a “bullet journal” on Twitter. This was my first time reading about it, and when authors were talking about how they even used it to help with writing related material I had to find out more. So I rushed over to Pinterest and did a lot of research. I’ve started my own bullet journal (hence the poorly photographed image at the top). It’s not the greatest, and thankfully those who have done this before are reminding me the first time won’t be perfect. But I have a lot of ideas coming together of what I want this to be –especially for long term usage and productivity.

For those of you –like me up until yesterday–that haven’t heard about a bullet journal, here’s the best explanation I’ve got so far. A bullet journal is in some ways like a diary. Except in a diary you include long and short excerpts of your life for your own purpose –whether it be reflecting, expressing yourself, etc. A bullet journal is made with a purpose to help you day by day, week by week, month by month. Honestly whatever purpose you want it to serve is up to you. So far in mine I’ve been taking it day by day because I’m still trying to get the hang of it.

Maybe there’s dates you want to remember, certain tasks you need to complete, a crazy week you need to plan ahead for, or even a quote you saw on a specific day you want to remember. Bullet journaling is for all of this and more. It’s hard to explain it all in one post. I read through a lot of blogs and websites before I even attempted to start mine. And even now as I type this post I’m still not sure how to feel about my own at the moment.

I journaled a lot when I was younger. I used to keep diaries, and I could fill those up easily. But as I grew older diaries became too difficult to keep up with. Some days nothing happened. Sometimes I would go weeks without having the time, patience, or desire to write anything in my diary. But with this bullet journal… I feel like it’s the perfect combination of purpose, organization and customization for me. With everything that’s happening as this year slowly comes to an end I definitely want to start looking ahead. And with my bullet journal my goal is to somehow have it serve a purpose for my personal life and my writing career. If I can make this work this is something I could continue in the future to help with writing projects and etc.

I hesitated writing this post because I’m no expect on bullet journaling, and I definitely don’t know what I’m doing with mine at the moment. (So far I just have this week planned out, and I’m playing around with customization. I think I need thin sharpies… hmmm…) But with all the positive feedback and encouragement from other writers who are also familiar with bullet journaling, I wanted to share the beginning of my exploration into the subject. Once I actually have something more solid (than two or three pages) that I feel confident enough to share I’ll talk more about how I’m using it specifically for my writing projects. (Next week especially with my plans to work on the feedback from my beta readers I want to have ready…)

But in the meantime while I’m still figuring this out, tell me if you’ve ever tried bullet journaling. How do you use yours, whether it be for personal or writing related? I’d especially love to see ideas on what to do so it serves a purpose for writing projects.

I’ll be returning with another post on Wednesday, August 31st, with my end of the month post and hopefully some brief news on beta reader feedback (and what work awaits me)!

Lindsey Richardson

2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal”

  1. Yay! So excited to read about the start of your bullet journaling journey. I had so many times over the years when I tried and failed to keep a journal; nothing really stuck until my bullet journal kicked off.

    As well as using it for organizing my life like crazy and writing notes about just about everything, I love how it’s so easy to add “aha!” moments or sweet little things that happened to me during the day or random encounters that were way too cool to forget, but I totally WILL forget if I don’t jot them down somewhere. There’s not the pressure you have with a journal or diary of needing to fill an entire page or record your entire day – you just jot down the moment or the special thing in point form, in as much or little detail as you want, and there it is. So simple and so beautiful, all at the same time.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Lindsey – I can’t wait to hear more!

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    1. Thanks Victoria!! And yes exactly it seems much more open ended and flexible than a journal or diary, so I’m eager to see where I can go with it!!


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