A Break from Writing

August 31st is the date I’m waiting on. That’s the deadline I gave my beta readers to finish Clara and Claire. I read a lot of blogs before I sent out my book to beta readers. A lot of them talked about what to do, how to organize it, and etc. But none of them ever talked about what you do while the beta readers have your book. 

Do you spend more time on it? Analyze more, take notes, come up with possible ideas, plan on what to do when they’re finished?

I decided to take a break from writing. Or at least serious writing. For one, I’ve been able to blog more (a huge reason of that also being because of the switch I made to WordPress). And while blogging is a different form of writing than the fictional books I write, it’s still practice nonetheless. There’s also been a lot of rain and storms lately… making me want to just write for fun. 

This short break from writing is important. Taking breaks isn’t a weakness. It’s essential at times so you don’t lose sight of what’s important. And so you don’t over analyze your book to the point that it doesn’t have any feelings in it anymore. I never used to take breaks (especially without feeling guilty about it), but I’ve learned it helps keep the mind sane. And come the end of August I’ll have an open mind and new thoughts when I read over the feedback from my betas. 

It might not be everyone’s ideal time management. And that’s okay. For me this is what works. I do know what my next novel is (after Clara and Claire), but I’ve also decided I don’t want to start that until this novel is complete and ready for publication. I’ve never been good with trying to work on multiple books at a time, so it’s best if I stay patient and wait.

Does this mean I haven’t thought about my book or put anything more towards it? Of course not. I still think about it daily, but the difference now is I can just play with ideas in my mind and save them for later. This is a much welcomed break, especially with knowing that I have more work ahead of me come September. 

So what about you? Do you take breaks in your writing? Anyone with their book in the hands of betas right now?

Lindsey Richardson 

2 thoughts on “A Break from Writing”

  1. For me, I have to take breaks from editing more so than writing. When writing, you can just place the words on the page and get taken up by the story. With editing, you don’t have nearly as much fun, probably because you have to pick apart each sentence and fret about grammar and flow. I usually take a break from editing to work on some other writing, to remind myself why I love it so much.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing,


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