April Goals


Hello April, hello spring (hopefully).

I’ve been unusually quiet these past few months. So much has happened, and still ahead of me there is so much more to do. I’ve let work, moving, and life itself come in the way.

So here I am, again, trying to breathe back life into my website.

So let’s get back to it.

It’s April. It’s a new month, and I’ve set new goals for myself. The first part of getting back to work is getting myself back into a routine and holding myself responsible for that routine. I’m hoping to have edits done this month, send out my book to beta readers in May, and then work in June through the final stage of edits and prepping the book for publication.

Meaning that hopefully (and this is a big “hopefully”), Clara and Ezra will release in July. August at the latest.

I’ve set these goals for myself within what I think is a reasonable time frame. This book is still releasing this year, and I won’t let all the big (and might I add wonderful) changes that have happened get in the way of its release.

So here’s to this new month. To setting new goals again. Wish me luck!

And to all you Camp NaNoWriMo folks out there, good luck and happy writing!

Leave in the comments your goals for this month. How do you keep on track –I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Clara and Ezra -cover news

I’m very pleased to announce as of today I’ve received the official cover for Clara and Ezra. The cover, like my previous two, was designed once again by Hell Yes Design.

It’s a weird thing to have a cover for this book after feeling as though I’ve worked on it for so hard. There really is so much to be done in order to maintain the release date of this year. A release date I intend to keep.

I won’t be revealing the official cover until I have something more definitive than “in 2018” for the release date. But I will say I love the cover, and quite honestly I don’t know what cover is my favorite anymore after this.

Admittedly I’ve been behind in my edits. Only just this month I hit 25k. I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Can’t wait to share the cover with you guys!

In the meantime I’m hoping this year I can get back into blogging. Patience. It’s a slow process, but it is going to get it done.

the Magicians series update

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 5.47.04 PM

As I mentioned what feels like forever ago, the Magicians series is in the middle of a massive remodeling (and rebranding).

The entire series will be seeing a new cover redesign via Hell Yes Design. Lori and I have worked together to redesign Cursed With Power and Shadows and Embers, and I will be hiring her again to finish the final two books in the series.

As we go into 2018 I wanted to make sure there was no confusion about the series and its availability –as I know I’ve been promoting CWP and SandE only (along with Clara and Claire separately).

All four books are available for purchase. Ebook, paperback –whatever your preference, they’re all available. I haven’t been promoting Thicker Than Blood and Bloodline Inheritance because I feel like the marketing wouldn’t do the books justice until they have their much needed newly designed covers. But rest assured, they are still very much available.

Furthermore, one of my goals for 2018 is to at least get the cover squared away for Thicker Than Blood. I can’t speak for Lori’s schedule, but I’m hoping together we can at least get that done with the new year. She’s currently working on the cover for my upcoming novel, Clara and Ezra, as I felt that took precedence over my older (already published) books.

As for Bloodline Inheritance, I believe this book may take longer. I’m actually intending a huge remodeling as far as this book –not just with interior and the cover design, but with the story itself as well.

2018 is looking ahead to be a very busy year already, but I definitely still have big plans for the redesign of these books, and thankfully we’re half way there.

Rewriting Begins

Well I’ve entered into the rewriting/editing phase of Clara and Ezra. Today isn’t my first day in this process, but it is definitely one of my longest sessions. I spent about a good 3 hours (give or take) and made it up to chapter five.

I know, this doesn’t seem like much when the book is over 40 chapters long, but I am making good progress. It’s also not as simple as it may sound because after I rewrite each chapter I’m writing down key notes on what happened in that chapter in case I need to refresh my memory later on. I’m also keeping track of the characters who show up in each chapter. This way I see who needs more attention.

There’s definitely a lot of work ahead of me. And it’s not easy or exciting work unfortunately. The good part is the beginning of the book so far hasn’t been giving me too many issues. Some little things here or there, but nothing major sending red flags up in the air. The later chapter I’m sure will be something different entirely… Those I’ll admit I knew were going to be rough even as I was writing them.

After tonight’s progress, though, I am hopeful. My boyfriend bought me Christmas stickers for December, and November I’ll probably finish through with the star stickers. So I do have some good motivation started up.

And I’m thinking once I’m done with the holidays I will get in contact with my cover designer and arrange for the cover design of Clara and Ezra. I usually always get the covers for my books done way before they’re released. Plus I think having the official cover would be wonderful motivation to get to work and finish this –once and for all!

Anyways, just wanted to drop in and give a quick update. Sending positive thoughts to all my writing friends participating in NaNoWriMo. Hang in there!

I’ll most likely be posting again tomorrow night. When the boyfriend works overtime I spend those hours rewriting. So hopefully another 3 hour session tomorrow and an update. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Clara and Ezra: first draft complete

clara and ezra teaser

To say writing Clara and Ezra was difficult would be an understatement. It has easily been hands down the hardest book I’ve written to date. But now that it’s done I can finally catch you up on of the details I’ve been leaving out along the way.

Clara and Ezra was actually a welcomed surprise. When I finished Clara and Claire it became quite obvious that I wasn’t going to be able to fit all of Clara’s story into one book like I had originally planned. And thus the sequel was born. I started this sequel in December short after the release of Clara and Claire. Those plans quickly changed when several personal events took a turn. It became evident I had to focus on getting my life back before I could return to writing.

Well…. that ended up being a 7 month period of not writing.

I honestly believed at one point I’d never start writing again.

But then things in my life turned around. I felt like I could finally breathe again, and along with that also came the urge and hope that I could write again. And so I did.

I restarted writing Clara and Ezra at the very end of July. Now admittedly my plans for finishing this book got pushed back. I did not finish this book as quickly as I had hoped. But even after my 7 month break I still ran into numerous issues with the book. Writer’s block really got the better of me on this one. I found myself and others having to constantly remind me that the first draft of anything is sh*t.

As far as my writing process, I relied heavily on my writing app (Wordly) to keep track of my writing sessions and a calendar to see how I was doing as far as daily word counts.

Now, let’s talk more about the book…

Clara and Ezra is the sequel to Clara and Claire. It takes place directly after where the first book ends, and it is narrated once again by Clara Nasso. The mystery element in this book is still very much active, however this time it’s a murder mystery.

As far as a release date, all I can say right now is I am looking at 2018 for release. Ideally before late 2018. I realize the anniversary of Clara and Claire‘s release is this December, and I’d like to release this book before the winter of 2018.

So far as I mentioned on Facebook my word count is much shorter than I had hoped for. I originally planned to hit 90k because Clara and Claire is around that word count. Instead I ended at 70k, but I’m planning on reaching 90k before this book is prepared for publication.

As far as what’s left to do? I’m rewriting the book. This is how I edit. I’ve found it to be better than simply reading through and editing as I go because it helps me memorize the story and also add or delete things much easier. Plus I’m expecting there will be many scenes that just have to be rewritten entirely. This first draft was more like a skeleton so I know where to go and how the book should end.

As always I’ll be posting my updates on my social media and keeping you guys up to date. Thank you again for all your patience!

Last chapter of Clara and Ezra

It’s November. Usually this would be the month where I drive myself crazy –or crazier than usual– and participate in NaNoWriMo. Something I’ve been doing for almost a decade now. But not this year.

Last year I failed NaNoWriMo. Terribly. Admittedly it was a bad time to start writing a new novel while in a different state.

And this year?

This year I decided against it because I’ve been working so hard (and then sometimes not so hard) on Clara and Ezra. It’s been almost a year since the release of Clara and Claire, and before that anniversary I wanted to at least be able to say the sequel was one step closer to release.

Usually I release a new book every year, but this year has been all about re-releasing the Magicians series and just writing Clara and Ezra –which I’ve accepted won’t be releasing until 2018.

So this year I’m not jumping in with the rest of you to write a 50k novel in 30 days. But I do wish you the best of luck!

Instead this year I took a week off of work to get my sh*t together. And I did. Today I am on the last chapter of the book. I will be finishing on Monday. Usually the weekends are my time off to spend with my boyfriend (and cat), so it’s unlikely I finish over the weekend unless I write at night.

So I’m excited at last. Because finishing this first draft means making this book ready for publication. Means getting out of this writing slump and really working some magic into this book.

My original goal was 90k, but I realized as I neared the end of this book that was an ambitious first draft goal. So instead it’s looking closer to end with 70k (or more). With the rewrite I’m going to be adding in so much more (and deleting a lot too), that I know by the end of this all before publication the book will reach the 90k goal I set for it. Just not with this first draft. And that’s okay.

I’ll be posting a much longer and detailed report on Monday when I finish the book! In the meantime, happy writing!

New Release: Shadows and Embers

img_2545Shadows and Embers is now available in both paperback and ebook format. You can purchase it from a variety of sites online, or if you’d prefer, you can purchase it directly from me. I will be order copies of it soon. I’m thinking of having a giveaway before Christmas.

Purchase at:



Barnes and Noble



**If you don’t see the link yet that means I’m still waiting for those websites to update with the book’s purchase info.

I still have a lot of promotions I want to do with this book. Thanks to the lovely and talented Regina I have new pretties I’ll be sharing on here as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

Remember, this is the 2nd edition of Shadows and Embers –featuring a new cover and new interior design. The original edition will no longer be available for purchase. 2nd editions of books 3 and 4 will hopefully be available by the end of this year or beginning of next year at the latest. This is all to better the series as a whole –as the series originally did not have a theme that stood out amongst the covers. Also, the interior in this really is something to be proud of. I did the interior for the original, and let me tell you, Allyson did an amazing job rescuing it from my poor interior designing skills.

This would make a great gift with the holidays coming up. If you grab a copy remember to share pictures!